Fat Love won the Oscar best animated short film, is rare

“Fat Love” won the Oscar best animated short film, is rare
This morning, the 92nd Academy Awards ended. “Fat Love” won the best animated short film. The author was surprised at first because after the nomination list came out, I watched all the short films in the nomination. At that time, I thought that the Czech RepublicThe “Daughter” or “Forget-me-not” in France won the most promising awards. Both the depth of the plot and the technical exploration are very good, and it also reflects the consistently advanced and experimental European animation.>>> “The Love of Hair” won the Oscar for the best animated short film, and the main memory of Kobe’s “Love of Hair”.But in the end I gave “Fat Love”, and it was not wrong to think about it carefully.From the story point of view, “The Love of Hair” is more easy to understand than other shortlisted works. Although there is no breakthrough in technology, it is also quite satisfactory. More importantly, this is the first animated short film created entirely by black people.Therefore, in addition to the work itself, the author believes that it also has some encouraging nature, not because of political correctness.The film’s director Matthew Chery had no previous experience in animation, and the only relatively well-known work he participated in was Spike Lee’s “Black Party”.But the completion of the film is quite good. He did not focus on the traditional topic of racial discrimination. Instead, he started from the point that the hair of African ethnic groups is generally difficult to take care of, and told a very plain family life story, from beginning to end.It is very rare to reveal the warmth and levelness and the affection and warmth between family members.This is very different from the politically correct “Black Panther” released in 2018.The reason why “Black Panther” received much attention at that time was because it was a film made entirely by black people, but this does not mean that black people have not been deeply involved in the entire film industry before. For example, well-known director Spike Lee is black.There are also a large number of black actors and screenwriters. It can be said that black people have long become an integral part of the film industry.Therefore, “Black Panther”, which was entirely shot by the black creative team, has a strong political correctness, which is why it is too low in China, because this film is really too specific for specific ethnic groups.Poster for the first season of “Countryman”.But the animation industry is different. In addition to singing theme songs for cartoons, black people are relatively absent in the animation industry. Throughout the history of animation development, whether it is a black director or a black screenwriter, there are only a handful.The “Countryman” directed by McGrood is a relatively well-known black animation. Besides that, we rarely hear that there are more well-known black masters in the field of animation.This is also where I think the award of “Love of Hair” is more meaningful than “Black Panther”.Because of the participation of African-Americans in the film industry, it is not difficult to create a “Black Panther”.But for the animation industry, the lack of employees makes it difficult to find a group of people who know how to do animation.But “Fat Love” has taken this step. A director who has no experience in animation has made a very complete family warm animation short film. It is indeed worthy of an Oscar best animation short film to encourage.In all fairness, this is an excellent animated short film and deserves a more objective and fair evaluation.□ Yuan Lei (film critic) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wu Xingfa