Beijing Huairou will build the construction of the Great Wall Cultural Consumers in China ‘s Shaduku Fashion Consumer Area

People’s Network Beijing November 17th (Dong Zhai) This afternoon, Beijing cultivates the construction of international consumer center city news ventilation meeting. The reporter learned from the meeting that by 2025, Huairou District basically realized stimulating industrial vitality attracting "coming into the weekend", the brightening meeting has enhanced international reputation, building "science + city" to achieve Yiye, highlighting ecology The background color creates innovative consumption to carry four goals, Huairou International Consumer Center City "micro center" is unveiled.

Huairou District Deputy Director Jiao Baojun introduced that Huairou District will form a new pattern of "three zones and one core" consumption.

"Three District" is the Chinese shadow fashion consumption area, the international meeting is in the consumption area, Huairou Science City service consumption area, "two bands", the Great Wall culture consumer belt, the ditch area economic consumption belt, "one core" is the old city consumption core.

In order to build China’s shadow, the Huangou District will take the lead in building the "micro center" in China, the core area of ??the city, the core area of ??the core area, focusing on Beijing film and television cultural characteristics. Accelerate the promotion of the master base project, Huaijun South Station TOD project construction; support the second phase of the film and television culture theme paradise, Grand Car Museum, Yitian Movie Hotel and other projects. Fully protect the Beijing International Film Festival series activities, with the film carnival as an opportunity, actively build the "Night Economic" model of China’s shadow, to pull diversified consumption, through the consumption of science and technology, tourism, culture, etc., attract multi-level consumers, Chinese shadings create a "never ending film festival".

In the cultivation of the International Association, we have a functional pattern of "one core and double ring seven groups", and further polish the "gold medal".

Promote project construction in Qihu Group, Yanbai Shanzhuang, Songxiu Park, a reasonable layout of cultural leisure, technology exchange, commercial consumption, tourist sights and other supporting services.

Actively host the Chinese conference industry conference, Yanqi Lake Science Instrument and Sensor Forum and other brand exhibitions, increase the introduction of exhibition activities such as exhibitions, exhibitions, attracting well-known brands to hold new products, first store starting, etc. .

In the deployment of Huairi City, the high-standard construction of the city’s living room, Yanqi Xiaowei and other commercial facilities, providing international, high-quality supporting services for research institutes and innovative entities.

Relying on Beijing Jinsu Xingfa Education Technology Industrial Park, Beijing Yanqi Lake Application Mathematics Research Institute, Deloity University and other scientific research institutions, with rich business format, high-quality service experience, diverse consumption scene "Crown Pearl". In addition, Huairou District will also focus on building a Great Wall Cultural Consumers. Integrate the existing tourism resources, improve the core competitiveness of Huairiki, improve the special tourism product system, and build Bohai Town into the Great Wall International Tourism Vacation Destination.

Comprehensively improve the appeal of Mutianyu Great Wall, in-depth digging of the Great Wall Culture and create a highlight of tourism.

In the cultural village, the cultural village forms a tourism service industry characteristic cluster, with the chestnut as the core innovation agricultural product marketing model, and create a "Huairi chestnut" brand.

In constructing the economic consumption belt of the Sigua, combined with the "folk customs cultural line" planning, mining history and Manchu culture, cultivating non-legacy project cultural brands, running the Manchu Cultural Tourism Festival, "Convitalizing Fin" and other brand activities.

In-depth excavation of Star Resources, start the star travel project, and strive to create a "most beautiful star air destination".

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