[Can yam be eaten raw]_Yam_eaten_Can you eat it

[Can yam be eaten raw]_Yam_eaten_Can you eat it

As a common food in life, many people like to eat yam, and it is rich in nutrition.

First of all, yam is cooked and there are also statements about eating it raw.

Strictly speaking, yam can be eaten raw, but there are many things to pay attention to when eating yam raw, and some are clean.


Can be eaten raw.

Yam is different from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are very sweet when eaten raw, so some people are willing to eat them raw. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, but they do not necessarily contain the corresponding enzymes. Raw food will produce a lot of gas in the abdomen, causing abdominal distension and abdominal pain.Aggravated indigestion.

But eating yam raw is different, it can help digestion, yam is the opposite of sweet potato.

Although yam also contains a large amount of starch, it also contains a large amount of amylase and saccharified amylase in the mucus of its section.

Raw yam can no longer digest its own starch, and it can also digest other starches inserted at the same time. After eating, you will feel particularly comfortable in the body.


People will feel numb and itchy when they encounter yam skin, because the saponin or mucus in yam skin contains phytoalkali, which will cause skin irritation and itching after contact.

But to get out of this error zone, there is no such problem when washing and eating.


When eating yam raw, make sure to wash it first. Pay attention to it when eating raw. Be sure to wash it clean. In addition to hygiene issues, the key is to wash away toxic substances such as alkaloids contained in yam skin. Although the amount is small and the toxicity is small,To eat it raw, it is best to make sure to wash it before eating it.


When indigested, yam raw is better than cooked. Yam raw is easier to play the role of the enzymes contained in it than boiled, because this amylase in yam is afraid of heat. The enzyme is destroyed after heating. Only eat rawHave such a role.

Therefore, when you feel indigestion, you can treat the yam as if it were fruit, and eat a few tablets raw or cold yam can help digestion well, it is worth a try.