Back to the bamboo house,Xia Chenglong adds vegetables to women,Because this is the last time he adds vegetables to the other party,After all, no matter how long you wait, there will be a moment of difference。

Maybe even the one in front of you doesn’t know,The man sitting opposite actually knew everything about what was happening from the beginning。
Why he went like this,Because I miss it too much,Too obsessed with certain things,I want to use fantasy to satisfy。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Powerful enemy
The meal is over,Murong Qianxue got up,Prepare to practice as before,It was like this when they first met,This habit has been maintained。
“Don’t go,I take you to meet someone today。”
“There are others here?”
Xia Chenglong nodded。
There is indeed another person,And why did he appear here when Murong Qianxue appeared?,Just didn’t show up。
Because he is not strong enough!
Not strong enough to meet,He is waiting for a chance,Appears when his power becomes absolutely powerful。
obviously,This time has come。
After the lakeside path that has been walked countless times,Don’t look boring when you are with the right person,Rather interesting,Can relax people’s nerves。
I happened to meet Tu Cancan who was picking bamboo shoots,At this moment, the woman rolled her eyes when she saw Xia Chenglong,Then ready to leave。
“Tu Cancan,and many more!”