How could Lin Yuna not be excited?!

Lin Group under her leadership,It can be said to be developing rapidly,The more developed the more violent。
How could she be unhappy?!
Oh,Do not,wrong,If it wasn’t for Xiao Fan,She definitely can’t have today’s achievements,Now think about it carefully,It seems that any one of her success,Can’t do without Xiao Fan’s assistance。
It seems,The luckiest thing I have is having a good husband。
right now,Lin Yuner had such a trace of regret in her heart,If I was married to Xiao Fan,,If you have the same heart and morality with him,So, is my Lin Group now on par with the Shen family now?。
Do not,wrong,I and Xiao Fan have been married for more than two years,I have only been in contact with Xiao Fan for less than two months now,The Lin Group has already undergone such earth-shaking changes,If in those two years,Are used to develop Lin’s words,Until now,I’m afraid the first big family in Yunshi is not the Shen family,It’s their Lin family, right?。
Thought of here,Lin Yuner’s face couldn’t help but a trace of regret crossed her face,Ugh!I really have no vision。
Such a powerful character is waiting by his side,I am not only useless,Instead, he kept pushing him out。
Lin Yun’er’s regretful expression flashed by,But this did not escape Xiao Fan’s eyes,and so,Xiao Fan asked:“Yoona,what happened to you?”
Lin Yuner realized that she might be distracted,then,Just smile awkwardly,Said to Xiao Fan:“No,nothing much,I’m just thinking,How should we make Zi Qian not reject Chairman Qi?,Can accept him better。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Ten Go sit there
And Qi Tianqi also reacted immediately because of Lin Yuner’s words,Said excitedly:“Correct,Correct,Correct,It’s like this,Chairman Lin is thoughtful,When i was just now,Why didn’t you think of this problem??It seems that if the business is left over to Chairman Lin,,I am completely relieved。”