Faced with this very valuable“Big Brother”,Qiao Tianyu can’t put it down,But there was a whisper in my heart,What does it mean?

“This is what the boss Sanchez meant。”
David also took out a phone of the same model from the drawer,Shook in front of Qiao Tianyu。
“I just returned to New York this morning,Sanchez just call me,Made me buy two newest phones。”
“This phone will only be officially launched next month,I was able to get it through the relationship!”
“Sanchez let us work hard,What’s the progress in the next few days,Convenient to report to him at any time。”
“Fuck!Used to monitor me!”
Qiao Tianyu knew what Sanchez meant,I want to smash the phone right away。
But Qiao Tianyu didn’t dare to do this,This trip to Mexico gave him a thorough understanding of Sanchez’s power。
If Qiao Tianyu really wants to fight him,I am afraid that Qiao Tianyu will die tragically at the hands of Mexican agents tonight。
“I know。”Qiao Tianyu put the phone down hard。
“David,Have you taken care of the hedge fund business??”
“All the procedures are done。”David explained。
“As per your proposal,We registered a hedge fund as a zero fund,Registered capital1One hundred million U.S. dollars。”
“You are a fund manager,meet as planned,Sanchez had already put the initial funds1100 million dollars all hit。”
“According to Sanchez,I am in this office building29The entire floor is rented as a zero fund office space,In the afternoon, people have been sent to buy office equipment such as computers,It will be available by noon tomorrow at the latest。”
“As for the staff of the fund,Sanchez means it’s totally up to you,Before you find the right person,You can pick someone from Alpha first,Pick whoever you like,Alpha will fully support the formation of the Zero Fund。”
“In short, Sanchez just said,Be sure to make the Zero Fund operational within three days,Can’t delay next week’s event!”
“it is good,I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded blankly。
But he was very upset,Is he really going to be a traitorjia