Five million is definitely beyond Chen Xiu’s low price,If it was the previous one, he must have agreed without saying a word。

But since I went to see with Qin Zhi yesterday《Preface》after that,He is deeply fascinated by the vicissitudes of time immersed in antique itself。
The main thing is that he still has no shortage of five million。
“Zhang Lao,If you like,I can give it to you later……but,not now。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“I plan to use this cabinet to practice hands,Practice my method of repairing wooden antiques!”
Zhang Lao was originally a collector,Naturally, I also understand Chen Xiu’s mood to repair an antique by himself,Nodded and said:“It seems that I am more and more interested in repairing this craft,I am also very relieved,but,According to your current level……I want to restore this big guy,A little hard!”
“Not difficult,Is very difficult!”
Chen Xiu still knows how many catties he is。
“How can it be repaired without being new,I can’t start。”
“It’s not easy?”
“easy?Zhang Lao,Teach me。”
“If you want to restore the original simplicity, you must not use new wood,You must use old materials,I think the style of this cabinet is like that of Daoguang……You must find old Huanghuali materials from the Daoguang period to make up for the original defect。”
“Old material of the same period?”Chen Xiu said with a wry smile:“Now the price of new huanghuali wood is ridiculously high,I went there to find old materials from Daoguang。”
“You ready money,Leave the information to me……But before,You have to learn the carving techniques of the original craftsman of this cabinet,If your approach is different from others,I suggest you better not carved,Just install it with a piece of flat wood。”
“Since it needs to be repaired, it must be perfect。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“Chen Lao,You start to teach me from carving。”
Zhang Lao first asked Chen Xiu to buy some ordinary trees,Bought some woodworking tools,He taught Chen Xiu bit by bit from the most basic carpentry work。
Carving for woodworking,The most important thing is to keep your hands steady。
And Chen Xiu’s hands are undoubtedly the most stable,After Zhang Lao pointed out some theories,When Chen Xiu faces the carved lines according to the painted lines, he feels like a carpenter with several years of experience.。
Zhang Lao couldn’t help sighing:“If I had a pair of hands like this kid when I was young,I have at least twice as many items in my collection now!”
Two people teach and learn,More than three hours will pass in a while,When it’s time for dinner,Zhang Laocai looked at the cabinet reluctantly and said:“Kid,The price of huanghuali is higher now,Once you fix it,Plus its own historical value,At least it can sell for over ten million……You can find someone to look after the portal!”
Chen Xiu reluctantly pointed to Song Shihe who was sleeping on the counter and said:“I want to find someone who has the skill to take care of,But it’s hard to find people who can trust and need good skills……Now I have to keep him part-time vigil at night。”