“To deal with Sun Kaizi,You must first understand him。”Uncle Geng watched Li Tianchou put away his smile,“The energy and power of this person is not what ordinary people can imagine。I fought him a few times,On the surface,But in fact it didn’t take advantage。”

Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,Even Uncle Geng has some scruples,It seems that I have two brushes,Can’t help but curious,“Is his power stronger than Biao Qi?”
“more or less。I mean they should be regarded as the same kind of people。Good at all means,And the six relatives don’t recognize,Even the way the two started up is different from other characters on the road。The most important thing is that these two people will do everything possible to win over and corrupt the real power figures in the officialdom to help themselves.,This alone is not comparable to ordinary hybrids。”Uncle Geng said,Obviously know the opponent well。
Seeing Li Tianchou’s silence,Uncle Geng continued,“Give an example,Just take the grandson,Many powerful figures in the county government are his guests,Some even call him brothers。This bastard has been operating in Fukuyama for many years but is very low-key,And very good at leaving a way for myself,He opened a club,Just invite these handsome officials,Many so-called clean officials are in his hands,The insidiousness of this person is evident。”
“Say so,It’s hard for us to get him down on the bright side?”Li Tianchou was a little discouraged。
Uncle Geng nodded,“and so,Your police friend has suffered。”But he suddenly changed,“Hard to get,Doesn’t mean it can’t be done。Sun Guaizi has a fatal weakness,Just his shit brothers,Dare to do anything evil,Relying on Sun Guaizi is simply lawless。In the past two years, this bastard realized the problem,Are starting to restrain them,But it’s too late。”
For the first time, Li Tianchou heard in detail about the life and life of a gangster“Deeds”,A little surprised,“No one cares about lawlessness like this?”
“tube,Things are too bad,Can’t clean up,Naturally someone will manage。Your police friend is one of them。”Uncle Geng smiled,Pinched out the cigarette butt。
Li Tianchou was startled,According to the meaning of Uncle Geng,Zhou Nan is not fighting alone,He should have a companion,Could it be that Liu Qiang?Just such a specious person,Really elusive。
“having said so much,Just to tell you,If you want to destroy Sun Guaizi,Must do more,It’s better not to disconnect the line from the police friend。Otherwise, we just beat and beat Sun Guazi here,It’s hard to kill him completely。”Uncle Geng stood up after speaking,“Ha ha,They are waiting,Let’s go there too。”
Only then did Li Tianchou notice that a large round table had been placed in the center of the courtyard.,Sea bald、Peng Weihua and others are already sitting around,Only I don’t see Ahao。Seeing this, everyone has been waiting for them for a long time。
Uncle Geng and Tianchou Li looked a bit crowded as soon as they were seated,But I managed to leave a place for Hao。
“It’s rare for everyone to get together,Liangzi hasn’t seen you in a long time,Today, your uncle Hai and I are host to invite everyone to drink,Picture a lively。”Uncle Geng doesn’t talk much,But it can inspire the atmosphere,Everyone immediately became happy,It’s just that there is nothing on the table,I made a loud noise and started to stare at me。
at this time,The courtyard door opened,A Hao led a few boys,Everyone walked into the yard in order with large pots and small pots in their hands,Everyone immediately smelled the tangy smell of food,All in high spirits。