“but,What is the problem with Liu Dafu??”

Li Anti-style is also some do not understand,How can Han Shanshan be so beware?。
“A lot of questions,But it is not a big problem.,Such as the finished vegetable,For example, employees on the overlay line,For example, he has nothing to do everything in the factory all day.” Han Shanshan said a lot of questions,After listening to the wind, I also understood why Han Shanshan will say that it is not big.。
These situations don’t really count what big problems,But it is necessary to say that there is a problem everywhere.。
“Row,I know this thing.,At that time, it is not letting him turn up.。”
“Um,You know,These are some things I have organized.,You take back and look at it.。”
Li Hui has received the materials given by Han Shanshan,Just just sweep an eye,He knows that these things should be that the other party is taking out for a long time.。
Because it is not recommended to get vegetable greenhouses,Even mushroom shed。
Also quantify,Fixed point,Made some unique green sheds。
Vegetables planted in these greenhouses,Cultivated mushrooms can be used alone,Used to open up the market。
After all, there are still few mushrooms that are now packaged.。
Fully sword。
Look at the suggestion of one of the above,And some processing methods,Remedy。
Li Hui Feng is also a little admire Han Shanshan。
These workloads are if he,He is absolutely can’t do so fine。
Never use to manage a vegetable factory,Also have to use suppliers,Channels deal with these things。
If you put it on him,He feels trouble everywhere,I can’t even have a long time?,He may fight the temple。
But Han Shanshan not only did not fight back,Still further development。
“Big squad leader,thank,I am so grateful.,Since the big squad leader has this determination to do it well,Then I also decided.,With the big squad leader, let the vegetables,In the future, the vegetable farm is what you said.。”
Looking at the serious look of Li with the wind,Han Shanshan also laughed。
“okay,I have said that I have been like you.,In fact, there is not much confidence in my confidence.,Just do your best。”
“Of course,If you think about accompanying me?,I will still be very happy.。”
When I said this,Han Shanshan’s pretty face is also a shame。
She feels that this is already changing and admitted to some things.。
Li Hui also stayed in Han Shanshan’s shy appearance。
“Big squad leader,You are so shy, you have a beautiful sky.。”
“screw you,I know I said,You are holding this thing.,I am going to find a few employees with me.,Then I am ready tomorrow.。”
Seeing Han Shanshan’s wind fire,Li Hui Feng knows that he is also adding to the other party.。
“Row,Then I will go to the town.,Then add a vegetable greenhouse of a village.。”
After leaving Han Shanshan,Li Hui also drives directly to the town.。
When I came to the party committee,I found that the double boat is actually in the meeting.。
And everyone who meets him basically knows,Are the villagers of each village。
Ye Shuangzhou is also seen from the glass of the door.,Immediately directly invited Li with the wind。
After all, he is also a bit difficult today.。
And Li Hui is in,Many things can be solved.。
Everyone knows that Li Hui Feng is now a rich man.,And Li speaks from the wind as long as there is a village,Which village will basically develop。
Now although Taohua Village,Zhao Jiacun has its own greenhouse,Pig farm,But mention Lotus Village, That one is still envious。
Look at the construction of lotus village,Look at the construction of the other two villages,That is simply。