At the door of the house, you can learn the party’s history Liuyang Huaichuan Street in the community "Party History Standard"

The old party members visited the "Red Station" in Chaoyang Community in Huaichuan Street. Huaichuan Street for the map People’s Network Changsha April 30th Party History Learning Education "Who" "Who" "How to speak" "Where can I talk about it, see effectiveness? Liuyang City Huaichuan Street Innovation "Good Neighborhood" brand, in the community and communities, the party history preaching station, promoting party history education, in-depth, deep into the grassroots, and deep into the heart.

The party group co-consisted small and micro "Party History Procurement Station" in the "Party History Standard" of the Cuiyuan Community, a row of bookcases filled with bookcases, many books in the bookcase have been yellow.

These special "old books" is a lot of old version of the party history, the party history yearbook, the top China Communist Party, is very precious, which is very precious, which is from the gift of the old party member Qu Gui. "Father always remembers that he is a communist party member. He hopes that more people will read their senses from these party history books, become a spiritual wealth that is passed down." Qui Lan retired after retirement, he was happy to help people, and he It is also a "party history", the most love reading newspaper in his later years, drilled the party history, so a large number of party history information.

After Quiilan died, the family followed his wishes and responded to the integrity of party history education, and took the initiative to donate all the more than 200 precious party history of the collections to the community, which made everyone moved. In order to play the value of this historical material, the community has built the "Party History Presentation Station", and the party history of Qu Keilan is archived, and in the bookcase of the preaching station, the party members and the masses are studied. At the same time, I also launched a residents to build a publicity station, collect the old objects, old materials, historical books of residents, and further enrich the "Party History Standard".

The grassroots preliminary preliminary "Party History Propaganda Station" vividly opened, in the Chaoyang Community "Party History Presentation Station", the old party member Huang Chussen is talking about the bonfire of the affliction of the world.

Huang Chi is an old party member with a 70-year-old party. He is also a veteran of 93 years old. During dozens of time, the old man’s memory is clear, he speaks emotions, and the community residents have heard serious. "Party members are the glory of life and forever responsibility.

"This is the motto of Huang Chu Sheng.

Although he is old, he usually insists on the obligation to clear the community. He has never been disconnected in more than ten years. He also has a friendly communist Party member of Liuyang City. He donated his military power chapter to the community "Party History Standard", leaving the bonfire story of the red years in the preaching station, incentive more people.

In the beginning, it is a long time.

In Chaoyang Community, "Red Party Shi Station", more than 100 red books, an old photo of the years, an old documents that have been faded, there are more than 30 people who have flowed with historical and cultural stabilizers. The old objects in these years have become the "protagonist", which said the brilliant experience of the Communist Party of China. "I like to listen to the story of the party. Now I have the ‘party history preliminary station’, I can listen to the party members’ grandfather to tell the revolutionary story!" The neighboring people near the community is a fan of "yellow old".

Many old Red Army in Chaoyang Community, the old warrior also sent a valuable award certificate for the community. "We will continue to do a good job in learning education, inviting more old warriors, and old party members tell the revolutionary story, let the community people can receive party history education more closely, inherit the red spirit." Li Xia said, "Li Xia, the party secretary of Chaoyang Community Party. In order to let the party members will revisit the party’s glorious history at home, Huaichuan Street has built the community "Party History Standard", turns the party’s history into the people’s home, so that the red story of the party "fly into the home". "

(Chen Zhen Xiang Jun Zou Chunling Liu Lihua) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing).