“Stop dreaming,Wu Xing won’t promise you。”Don’t throw yourself when you see the other party,Lena is even more aura。

I knew this woman would dig Wu Xing,She just said she didn’t agree to let her sit。
For Lena,Cold ice seems to have not heard,Smiled at Wu Xing again,Then turned and left。
“Hey,beauty,You are leaving now?Not sitting much?”at this time,Xin Zhao also cooked the skewers,See the left ice,Asked quickly。
“No more,A few handsome guys,See you next time。”Liang Bing smiled at several people。
“it is good,beauty,See you next time。”See the beauty smile at them,A few people are like springtime,Nodding。
If not for fear,They all want to tell each other directly。
And looking at the appearance of these dicks,Lena hates itchy teeth,I really want to put these shameful guys,Beaten up,Let them know why the flowers are so red!
Chapter Seventy Three:Carl(Two more)
“Wu Xing,You won’t really promise that woman go to work in her company?”Cool ice away,Lena couldn’t wait to ask。
And the daughters of Qiangwei also look at Wu Xing,Obviously also worried。
“Hey,You all look at me like this,You have so little confidence in me?”See their performance,Wu Xing shame。
“No,Because you are a scumbag。”A few women jumped out。
“You are slander,defamation!”Wu Xingyi listen,The whole person is bad,Is your character so bad??
“This is a fact。”Qiangwei added a word。
I heard Qiangwei’s words,Wu Xing knows that the title of this scumbag can’t escape,She still remembered what happened just now。
really,Offend anyone,The only one who can’t offend women,Just like Hae Hee,Gave him a deep impression。
I have been talking less now,The disdainful rose has begun to change。
“Don’t worry,I can’t join her company。”Wu Xing can only say in the end。