In the eyes of Ming Shizun,The situation at the moment is like a game of residual chess,Not last minute,No one knows the outcome。

If everything can’t be held to the end,Give up lightly,Then there will be no Ming Shizun today。
He believes,Just hold on till the last moment,Just like the ones I experienced before,Goddess of Victory will favor him。
at last,There was a huge roar from above everyone’s heads,That is the sound of the helicopter propeller turning。
Followed by,From the wall of Su’s mansion,Rows of helmeted heads appeared。
Those are soldiers with guns,From that special force,They came so fast,And there are so many people here,The Su family’s house has been surrounded silently。
This change,So scared that the Su family’s children all looked at each other,There was a deep fear in the eyes。
Is this the strength of the real rich family??
That Ming Shizun can mobilize such a powerful force?
This helicopter that fell from the sky,And this army that surrounded the mansion,They all represent the unmatched strength of the Su family。
now,Su Yi’s mother and daughter’s face changed drastically,All eyes are the color of fear。
Because they all know,Lu Menglin has a big secret,Now the opponent’s army is dispatched,Does he have a chance to escape??
Although I have seen Lu Menglin’s strength in Myanmar,,But Su Yi is still worried to the extreme,Because this is not Myanmar,But Jinling,Is in inland China,Once Lu Menglin and the army clashed head-on,,There is only one result without suspense,Just to be crushed by the state machinery。
obviously,The soldiers on the fence,Just in charge of siege and alert,Really want to shoot,Not them。
At this moment,The helicopter hatch overhead is wide open,A team of men and horses are in a thunderous manner,Rappelling,Directly fell into the Su’s courtyard.。