After packing up the acupuncture bag,Jingpu looked at the old man in black and said:

“but,Can it be cured,I still don’t know,See the results in half an hour,but,No matter what,You should hurry up and find someone now,Do what you did before,Before you find someone,Yun Qiyao should still be fine。”
If you don’t let Jingpu rule,,Jingpu can be cured,But the problem is that Jingpu doesn’t want to,after all,This Yun Qiyao is a demon,And the symptoms are weird,Jingpu didn’t dare to mess around。
Talking,Don’t these people have a cure before?,It was just Yun Qiyao who suddenly fell ill,No one has time to prepare。
Now words,Under control,Have time,Then go back and find someone,How did you treat it before,How to treat now,Jingpu won’t drip this muddy water。
The old man in black swallowed,Looking at Jingpu Road blankly:
“that……senior……You pin,How long can I protect Miss?”
Jingpu thought for a while:“If there are no other symptoms,That’s it,There are seven or eight days,If you want to extend it,Ten days and a half months or one month is fine,Enough time?”
People here are flying around,In a month,It must be enough?
only,The old man in black swallowed hard and said:
“afraid……Afraid it’s not enough……”
Jingpu raised his eyebrows:
“Two months is okay,But I don’t know if she can stand it。”
The old man in black swallowed again and said blankly:
“Two months……I’m afraid not……”
Immediately,Jingpu looked weird:
“You cloud demon royal family……Do you live in the sky?……Two months is not enough,How long will it take,You say it,I’m thinking of a way。”
The old man in black swallowed,Looking at Jingpu with an embarrassed expression: