The golden round of the king heard the face, and the body expanded in a bone.,More than the original high halfway,And the body is not thin and thin.,Instead, it is strong like a cattle!The amount of it is under the forehead“Vinegar”,Also high-rise is a small steamed bun……

This is the chicken with duck.,For the King of Jinshu,The important thing is to Tubo Buddhism、Temcer,There is no Han people’s national awareness。
Chu Deirers also ended“Come”Shelf,King Kong,Chu Deirers have also big two laps,It seems to be hard and hard。
Golden Wheel King is secretly embarrassed,I don’t dare to pay attention,Confrontation with Chu Debet,Two people’s war、The momentum is more and more……
Such a dignified atmosphere,Shenlong Holy Woman did not shoot,Want to wait for Chu Deirers and Jin Wheel King first。
But just in the same moment,The moment of the highest peak,Chu Deman……“Bamboo”A slimming,Gushing to Guo Wei!
Golden Wheel, the original gas, locks the Chu Deirers,At this moment, miss the target,Suddenly chest。
This is not a question of Chu Deirers……
According to the two sneakers lock each other,When don’t worry about each other,Can’t suddenly“disappear”Otherwise, you will only make your own gas disorder、Aeriality,Be paved by the other party,Falling into the wind,Pretty peak matching in the flag,Great influence!
But the Chu Deirens not only have“Treasure”Tips,It seems in the gas lock、Powering,I have long since I have already secret Chen Cang.、Change the target。
Thereof《Moving a big move》and《Large》Hide,Nothing、No change in yang,Instantaneous,Let the golden wheel of the King of Golden Wheel are empty……
at the same time,Chu Deirers have taken Guo Wei——As for Huo Cohe and Dalba,I have not reacted at all.,How can instance blocking??
I saw Chu Deer and Ghost,Grab Guo’s shoulder,After that, I will return it.,Before plundering and back,As if violates inertia……this is《Sunflower》Oi!
Waiting to go to the Erman to fall back to the crowd,Also just leave Guo Wei,After that, I will play it again.。
At this time, you are in the opposite direction of the cliff.,Shenlong’s pregnant is closest to the edge of the cliff,Golden Wheel and Yin Kexi are also exploring the cliffs、Just on the side,Chu Deirers at this time before the people,Dragon education and Mongolian masters on the cliff……
I saw Chu Deer’s arms exhibition、Bruise,It seems that everyone in front of it is necessary.?
Chapter 918 Wonderful
Cliff,Chu Deirers are alone in the masters of Shenlong and Yunyuan,Bike exhibition、Bruise——Seems to be shout:I want to hit ten!
The gold wheel is not anxious.,After all, what is the use of the moment??
Idea and god dragon,Even Yin Kexi,Not a low hand,You will deplete your hand,It also threatens us not?I am afraid it is a touch of wind.……
However, just at the next moment,“Windy”Hit!
Eat me、Ocean、none、quantity!——Chu Deirers shouted in their hearts。
I have experienced overseas dangers before,Chu Deiren tried,Imitate the kind of heaven and earth that encounters storms in the sea。
But even if the Chu Deer personally experienced、been touched,Got a bit of charm,Hardware is finally different——Not so big out!
But during the injury of Chu Deirers,Negative internal force is difficult,But the Chu deer has produced other ideas.,Another way,Developed this trick“Wonderful”。
Optical“Unmistive”、Heart is extremely“French sky”,I also gave the Chu Deirers.……
Now the Chu Deirers will be in the mind,Mimic the god of the storm of the sky,Disorderless release。
Chu Deirers know martial arts,I don’t know how much I do.,by“Chaotic work”After the gas is playing,Randomly derived,Or a dragon turtle、Or a sunflower、Or chemical empty fist、Or is a sword……
Dark fits“mad”!
At the same time, because of this chaotic,Just a primer,In addition, Chu Debans will have a powerful recovery effect.,Consumption is not small,But it can also be very considerable!