“I’m the opposite of you,I think it must be Qin Haosheng this time。”

“I don’t take advantage of you,Haven’t you been thinking about my fireball?Take this as a bet。”
Gong Gong Jian pretends to say generously,Then the two hit it off。
“I also think Brother Hao won,”Huang Xiaoding’s voice came。
“Xiaoding,Can you follow your innermost thoughts,Follow Qin Hao,You think he can do it anywhere。”
“It is bright,The rain stopped,You think you can do it again,Does that mean?”
Commander Xiao’s words are here,Huang Xiaoding stopped talking。
Although he is now an elite member of the Iron Blade,But before, he has been criticized by Head Xiao,So he was still a little afraid of Captain Xiao in his heart。
“Old Xiao,How can you say that,The result of the matter did not come out,Don’t make a decision lightly。”
At this time, both parties in the ring are ready together,Although Qin Hao is very relaxed,But seriously。
These three are standing on the ring,The powerful aura swept towards Qin Hao。
Before starting to do it,Momentum is important。
Chapter Fifty Nine King Kong is immortal,Win
Accumulate,This is a way to show strength for both sides at war。
Often in a duel,They use momentum to suppress the enemy。