Cangzhou City Water Environment Quality Further Improves Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  In recent days, the public found that many roads in Yucheng pulled up construction enclosures, and machinery started the pavement. It turned out that this is the city is being transformed into the Yucheng Old Town Archive Management Network.

This is one of the first series of initiatives in the city’s water environment quality.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the city has seriously implemented Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, and in depth, the surface water pollution prevention and control, the city’s water environment is further improved. At the press conference held by the NATM News Office, the person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau introduced that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the city, the national assessment of the surface water environment quality of the city, 2021, as required to reach Class III There are 14 water quality, and the excellent rate goal is 70%. At present, the city’s surface water environment is maintained overall, from January to October 2021, there are 14 levels of water quality in 20 countries in our city, and the excellent rate is 70%. Among them, the Chengxi Reservoir Water Plant, the Ministry of Taiping Bridge is better than the water quality target. In terms of drinking water safety, from January to October 2021, the water quality of the 16 counties and above drinking water sources is stable to the drinking water standard, and the standard ratio is 100%.

  According to reports, the city has passed the provision of water source protected areas, strictly investigating the pollution, and strictly investing in the river sewage port, tighting the river water quality, the technology helps to check the pollution in the basin, project drive emission reduction, deepen rural sewage treatment , Promote joint defense and other measures, fully strengthen water environmental governance, and strive to solve the problems in water source protection, root the sewage into the river problem, etc., which strongly promotes improvement in water environment.

(Full Media Reporter Wang Taikin).