It’s me,Don’t do it myself!

Why,Not only did I not lose my strength when I worked hard,Even more energy than you,I don’t have my share when I eat meat?Is it because I was born with a angry face?Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng know very well,It’s on myself,Don’t do it myself。
But in this plan of the Jialing Factory,This mini car project is of great significance to the Jialing plant,Far more significant than the motorcycle project,Unceremoniously,Once this project can be successfully launched,The position of Jialing Factory in the system is moving up.。
the most important is,Chen Geng’s refusal is also intriguing,He didn’t say he couldn’t do it,But rather dissatisfied with the consequences,This is interesting。
The two quickly explained at the same time:“Mr. Chen,We don’t mean that……”
“It doesn’t matter what you mean,The important thing is that this incident has had a serious impact on me,”Chen Geng seems to be very upset,I waved my hand directly:“Two,I am a little uncomfortable,Let’s get here first today?”
Chen Geng used his sickness as an excuse to provoke people,What else can Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng do??Just say goodbye。
Come out from Chen Geng,Sun Shoupeng frowned:“Lao Cheng,I always think we seem to have forgotten something。”
“is it?”Cheng Xingming heard,I frowned and thought for a moment:“Seems to be……”
But what’s the matter?
The two looked at each other,Pat the thigh at the same time……
“The head of the ministry asked us to inquire about it!”
I thought that the ministry had repeatedly told me to figure out things I had forgotten,The two people suddenly felt annoyed。
at the same time,Mirren also asked Chen Geng curiously:“boss,I think this mini car project is good,You really don’t plan to do?”
Chen Geng without any signs of discomfort,Asked rhetorically:“Who said i’m not going to do it?”
“what?”Mirren froze for a while:“You obviously refused just now……”
“I refused because I need Jialing factory to give us better cooperation conditions,”Chen Geng said with a smile,In a good mood:“Want to cooperate with us in the car?Their Jialing factory must show some sincerity。”