60,000 residents, 100,000 industrial army, the life circle here flowers in the four seasons, the vitality is full!

In recent years, the park has continuously integrated government service resources, innovation service mechanisms, working here, and enjoying more and more perfect supporting public services. In June this year, the new park community party service center officially unveiled. The new center not only realizes the integration update in the venue facility, but also the functional optimization improvement, effectively integrates "enterprise service circles" and "party service circles". Opened the "last kilometer" of the service enterprises and party members.

September last year, Shanghai’s first district high-skilled talent service center – Minhang District High Skills Talent Service Center settled in the park, the high-skilled talent service center of Xinzhuang Industrial Zone was also officially listed, promoting the training training of high-skilled talents in the park High level development; China Copyright Protection Center East China Registration Hall 2017 settled in the park, providing convenient conditions for copyright registration in the region; "shopkeeper Xiajun" is a 24-hour online legal service center, providing the park to enter the enterprise All kinds of legal services such as intellectual property, equity framework, legal instruments. The cultural service circle shared the high quality "cultural dinner" poet Ouyangjiang River has been visited by Xinzhuang Industrial Zone several times, strolling in the "Peach Blossom", the Qiqiu Gifts Enjoy Valley, deeply thought, he wrote the long poetry "sea ". Like many people in the primary industry, he can’t help but lane: Industrial parks also have "poetry and distant"! Qiqiu Gift Enjoy Valley, China Edition Creative Design Industry Base, Shanghai Aerospace Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, these "small and beautiful" Wenchuangyuan, almost all break the restrictions on the wall wall, open up the art museum, Wenchuang Studio, rooftop court, Comprehensive public service space such as bookkeepers, cafes, held various public cultural activities such as exhibitions, art and city gathers, and cultural lectures, allowing surrounding corporate employees, community residents to share diversified and high quality cultural services.

In addition, "1 + 10 + X" new era civilization practice positions, "3 + 1" neighborhood center features … The park will be new, new era civilization practice division, neighborhood center, citizen All kinds of public cultural and sports facilities such as the Activities Office of the Commission have effectively integrated, construct a "one-axis two-full coverage" public literary facility network, which is truly 15 minutes of public literary service circles. The park has always adhered to the "cultural +" concept, promoting all aspects of penetration and integration of cultural construction and social and economic construction, and organizes industrial cultural week, cultural carnival, corporate sports meeting, etc., forming "everyone says" "talks" and enterprises Open day and other brand projects, comprehensively create a pattern of "Building a Co-winning". In the "compatible, multi-complementary, flexible innovation", the industrial park has become more "temperature", more "soul".

The people’s livelihood service circle "clothing and food and housing" enhances the happiness of the whole people in the industrial zone, and there are 8 hours of industrial manufacturing, more than 8 hours. In the morning, I bought a breakfast in the nearby breakfast station. I ride a sharing bicycle to go to work; in the evening, I returned to the home of Xinze Sunshine Apartment. After dinner in the cafeteria, I went to the apartment "my gym" fitness decompression … … This is a lot of daily life in Xinde Sunshine Apartments.

Xinze Sunshine Apartment is the unit rental room provided by the employee of the park in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. Here is a canteen, there is a gym, there is a stadium … Everyone says, "live here, home for home".

In order to solve the problem of "residual difficulties" in the enterprise, the park accelerate the implementation of "rental housing" project construction, and launching the increasing cyanic apartment, the West District rental house, providing a good environment for all kinds of innovative entrepreneurial talents. In the field of social undertakings, the park is the weak link, and the people’s livelihood is completed, and there are thousands of people to increase people’s livelihood. In terms of education, with Minhang District Education Bureau, Minhang District Experimental Primary School Signed a cooperative running school agreement, and prepare the second experimental primary school (intended) of Minhang District (intended), adhering to the high-end school in Qibao Middle School, the high-end school entrance to the management model – Qixao Middle School affiliated to Xindu experimental middle school completed, Xinxin Town Youth Garden opened operation, and the school districtization group continued to advance.

The park also continued to pay attention to the cultural education of enterprise employees, working with Shanghai Open University, through the establishment of a project and teachings, construction engineering management, mechanical and electronic engineering, etc., helping industry workers continue to enhance their degree and Professional skills, there are currently more than a thousand students to achieve academic certificates; medical, new community health service centers are about to be completed, "the first hospital" is convenient for surrounding residents and corporate employees to do medical treatment; pension, new community integrated into old services Sub-center, old cafeteria, set up "Pension Consultant Studio" "Community Old Neighbor Neighborhood" … walk in the road of Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, full of life, four seasons, flowing here, people can push the window to see green, go out The park feels innovative and open in this steamed ecological park, and experience the warm and happy life.

(Source: Today’s Minhang) (Editor: Gong Sha, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.