Cross-provincial remote off-site bid evaluation, Valley has the first case

On November 5th, the first case of the Wuhan District Leading Center, the first cross-provincial remote bid evaluation project "Military Shanshui Factory Expansion Project Preliminary Design (including Program Design)" successfully completed the bid evaluation work in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Economic Development Zone Engineering Transaction The project’s full-scale electronic level is greatly improved, which will provide a more open fair and fair competitive environment for public resource transactions in the district. The remote off-site bid evaluation work has innovatively breaks the geographic regional restrictions, and there are two venues in synchronization. The main venue is located in the Public Resources Trading Center of Wuhan Economic Development Zone, and is located in Changsha City Public Resources Trading Center, Hunan Province. Relying on the "Internet +" technical means, the two crisis experts of Wuhan Economic Affiliation Experts and the Changsha Branch Field communicate online through video logistics, online discussion, synchronous score.

At the same time, the bid evaluation process achieves independent review, online supervision, full mark, publicly transparent, supervision personnel of the administrative supervision department can check the full video, supervise the evaluation process, to ensure the standardization of the bid evaluation process. According to reports, the Army Mountain Water Plant Expansion Project is the key project of the "Siwei Treasury" in Junshan New City.

The project is complex, large design difficulty, high technical requirements. Through cross-provincial remote bid evaluation methods, the wisdom and experience of Wuhan, Changsha can help the tendere have selected the best design.

"The remote off-site bid evaluation work is an important measure to optimize the business environment, which not only realizes the sharing of expert resources, but also isolates the tenderer, bidder and bid evaluation experts, and minimizes people-oriented interference, so that public resources ‘The deal is more standardized, fair, and efficient. "The head of Wuhan Economic Development Zone Public Resource Trading Center told reporters. At present, Wuhan Economic Development Zone is surrounded by the optimization of the bidding market business environment, fully implementing electronic bidding, conducting fiber optic transformation on network facilities, and has a comprehensive file upgrade for related software and hardware supporting facilities such as conference video systems.

This year, 177 full process electronic engineering transactions have been completed, and 100% electronic and "no see" in engineering trading projects have achieved a significant reduction in transaction costs and optimize the subject matter of the transaction.

Next, Wuhan Economic Development Zone Public Resource Trading Center will actively explore the pilot work of "assessing separation", establish a long-range mechanism for cross-provincial remote land bid evaluation, surround the demand for transaction in all parties, plugging points, pain points, pain points, Difficulties, continuously strengthen platform construction, optimize workflow, standard transaction management, improve service quality, maximize deputy profits, and reduce public resource transaction costs. (Reporter Zhang Wei correspondent Liu Kang Chen Ying).