Government budget is not just "national ledger"

  Budget is not only a "ledger" in the general sense, but also an important part of the national governance system.

Standard science, standardized, transparent, and strong budget system will play an increasing role in promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

  In recent years, the government’s budget has become increasingly increasingly attracted to the public’s vision, and the annual review budget report of the National People’s Congress has received high attention. Due to the clarification of the government’s various income and expenditure, the budget is often called "national ledger" or "government ledger". In fact, the budget is not only a "ledger" in the general sense, but also made specific arrangements for the implementation of fiscal policy. It is an important part of the government’s governance system for the year. The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party pointed out that finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance. The finance deeply affects various fields such as economy, politics, and society. The government has various connections with the market and society. It is mainly carried out through various activities of income and expenditure. The budget system regulates the government’s income and expenditure, that is, the government’s "money bag", and then regulating government behavior is the core and foundation of finance.

It can be said that government budget reflects the country’s strategy and policies, reflects the government’s scope and direction.

  Budget reflects macro policies.

Fiscal policy is one of the main tools of macro -control, which has a profound impact on economic operations, and its "wind direction" has always attracted much attention.

In recent years, according to the deployment of the Party Central Committee, my country has continuously implemented positive fiscal policies.

How to implement active fiscal policies in detail, you need to learn more about this window through the budget report. Opening the budget report over the years, you can see the specific explanation and arrangements of the fiscal policy of the year. A series of important issues such as deficit rates, expenditure intensity, tax cuts, and local debt can be found in it.

These numbers are closely related to macroeconomics, market entities, and people’s livelihood.

  Budget guarantee national strategy.

In the budget, "Where to spend money" is a problem that the society is very concerned, which is actually the allocation of resources and the arrangement of government behavior.

In the budget, the expenditure policy comprehensively reflects how to use fiscal funds to spend well, especially to focus on supporting science and technology research, ecological environmental protection, basic people’s livelihood, major regional strategies, modern agriculture, etc., to promote major national strategies, key reforms and important policies Implement landing.

For example, in terms of basic people’s livelihood security, measures such as implementing employment priority policies, improving social security levels, and strengthening investment in health and health are clearly clarified. Behind the related numbers is the investment of "real gold and silver", and it is also the improvement of the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

  Budget constraints government behavior.

The budget is not only reflected in a "ledger", but also the process of compilation, review, approval, supervision, and execution and adjustment of budgets.

The entire government’s income and expenditure should be included in the budget. Once the budget is approved by a large number of people, it becomes a document with legal binding power. The executive authority must be strictly implemented, and the non -legal procedures must not be changed.

As stipulated in the budget law, the expenditure of governments at all levels, departments, and units must be based on approval budgets, and it is not included in the budget. "This is an important principle of" no budget and non -expenditure ". It spent money on the government’s "tight curse".

my country has also continuously increased the disclosure of budgets, improved fiscal transparency, promoted the operation of power in the sun, and strengthened the restriction supervision of power operation.

  The government’s budget is relatively professional and the system is relatively complicated.

my country has implemented a first -level government and a first -level budget. There are a total of five -level budget from the central government to townships.

At the same time, the budget includes four budgets: general public budget, government fund budget, state -owned capital operating budget, and social insurance fund budget.

How to make society "understand and supervise" is an important issue. In recent years, the reform of the budget management system has continued to deepen, and the budget has become more and more detailed and easy to understand. Standard science, standardized, transparent, and strong budget system will play an increasing role in promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.