How to correctly eat toon? Patients with chronic diseases before eating chronic diseases eat less

Toon, also known as Tsubaka buds, toon heads, is called "vegetables on the tree", which has the characteristics of crisp tenderness, fresh green, strong fragrance, and taste.

Toon has a long history in my country. The second and March of the lunar calendar each year is the season when the toon buds are listed. Recently, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a consumer tips on consumption of toon that toon buds, whether it is cold or stir -fried, it is best to have a half -minute hot drift. Relatively speaking, the applicable population of Toonon is relatively extensive, and the general population can be eaten, but because the toon is a hair product, it is easy to induce the recurrence of the disease. Therefore, patients with chronic diseases should eat less. In addition, toon should be eaten early.

The flavor of the toon before the rain is the best. The toon of the Gu Yu not only tastes tedious, the nutritional value is greatly reduced, and the nitrite content will increase to a certain extent. When choosing the toon, try to choose the color of the colors. The buds that are short, thick, and not easy to pull off. There are old stalks and germinations on the bottom. The four major nutritional values ??of toon are based on the Guizhou market regulatory authorities, toon, which is divided into green leaf toon and red leaf toon.

The characteristic of green leaf toon is that the young buds are green, the aroma is lighter, and the oil is less, but it is more resistant to low temperature. Red leaf toon is suitable for pickling, and green leaf toon is suitable for fried food, but in fact, the nutrients of the two are almost the same.

Toon is rich in nutrients. In addition to routine nutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates, the content of calcium, magnesium and potassium and vitamin B is extremely high among many vegetable species.

At the same time, other nutrients such as phosphorus and vitamin C also have a high proportion. "Nourishing Yin and Nourishing Yang" anti -aging. my country’s residents’ intake of vitamins is mainly based on plant -based foods. The intake of vitamin E is relatively high. Toon contains vitamin E and sex hormones. It has the effects of anti -aging and "nourishing yin and nourishing yang". Enhance immunity to promote growth. The vitamin C content of toon is quite abundant, second only to vegetables with the highest vitamin C content in vegetables. Vitamin C has a promotion of wound healing, which can enhance human immunity, while improving the metabolism of fat, especially cholesterol, in the body. Especially for children who are developing in the body, an appropriate amount of vitamin C can promote the growth of teeth and bones and effectively prevent gum bleeding.

Relieve fatigue and moisturizing the skin.

The content of carotene in the toon is relatively abundant, which can effectively improve the sub -health status of urban office workers and often overtime people, such as alleviating eye fatigue and maintaining good visual functions. Spleen appetizers and appetite increase appetite.

Toon will emit a strong smell, which actually comes from volatile aromatic organic organic toon. Before eating, the Guizhou Market Supervision Department prompts that the toon buds, whether it is cold or stir -fried, it is best to have half a minute of hot drift.

The aroma of the toon mainly comes from the insoluble sperm oil, so the hot drift will not only significantly affect the flavor of the dishes, but also reduce the content of nitrite, maintaining a good appearance and taste.

Eggs, bacon, and winter bamboo shoots are all good matches of toon fried dishes. Cold dishes such as cold buds, toon tofu, salted toon toon, etc. are also loved by the public. In addition, toon pancakes, toon noodles, fried toon fish, etc. are also more common. In addition, the toon sprouts are very tender, the water content is high, the physiological metabolism is strong, and the breathing effect is strong. The harvest and purchase should be in the morning. At this time, the buds are tender and the temperature is low. The tonan buds for storage are best for the main bud toon of the buds, strong growth, and resistant to resistance. The old stalks and yellow leaves of the base are removed. Wash the soil and debris attached to the toon leaves with flowing water. Wait. (Reporter Sun Hongli).