But who are we actually sending、What level,Ding Haijun,Minister of Embassy,Administrative level main hall。

The level is too low。
think about it,Chen Geng’s refusal is entirely reasonable。
of course,It may be other reasons,But now it seems,The possibility of this reason is the greatest。
“It is possible,”Minister Huang nodded,Then he turned to look at Ding Haijun who had just rushed back from the United States:“Comrade Navy,What do you think?”
Everyone、The gazes including Director Li all fell on Ding Haijun’s body:I said so much before,In fact, it’s just the guess of myself and others,Compared to these guesses,People actually believe Ding Haijun more,no way,Who makes the relationship between Ding Haijun and Chen Geng the best?。
“This may not be completely absent……”
While talking,Ding Haijun gave Director Li an apologetic look。
Director Li shook his head hurriedly,Said I don’t mind:joke,A fool can also see the weight of Ding Haijun in the eyes of ministers and even higher levels,A fool would have a grudge against him because of this,And he wondered if the Navy could make any useful suggestions.。
Make sure Director Li doesn’t mind that he denies his point of view,Ding Haijun then continued:“But i think,This possibility is not great,”Without waiting for Minister Huang to ask,Ding Haijun then explained:“Based on my understanding of Chen Geng,He is not such a person,I don’t care much about these things,I think……I think……”
Speaking of which,Ding Haijun hesitated,He is not sure what consequences he will have after saying this。
“It’s ok,Just say,”I saw Ding Haijun’s hesitation,Minister Huang immediately spoke。
With these words from Minister Huang,Ding Haijun no longer hesitates:“I think,It may be due to the speed of our policy implementation……”
“Ok?How to say?”
“I have observed the speed of Chen Geng’s investment,Almost any of his decisions can be implemented within two months,But some of his cooperation projects in our country……”
Speaking of which,Ding Haijun gave a wry smile,Did not speak。
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