“If you can find their command、leader,Losing a dragon is equal to a group of headless flies。”

“After all, it’s still a bunch of beasts,Find their weakness,It’s just a matter of time to break them down。”
Zhu Minglang has returned to Shitouzhai,Found that there are dragons patrolling the towering cliffs on both sides。
It’s not too difficult to get around these dragons,But Zhu Minglang acted very carefully this time,Sanglong is extremely capable of disguising,Even if I use my spiritual sense,Sometimes I don’t know where they hide。
“unfortunately,Or there are too few dragons,If there is a strong concealment ability,Good at investigating,Dragons with superior insight and alertness are just fine,Can find out the leader of the lost dragon hidden in the dragon group for me,You can also get more information。”Zhu Minglang is talking to himself。
“You are one of the few dragon shepherds I have ever seen without a young spirit,No young,Where did your dragon pet reserve?,Look at others,At the Jun level, the number of dragon pets may exceed double digits.,Look at you again,These four dragons come and go!”Mr. Koi said very contemptuously。
“Didn’t you see a suitable one?。”Zhu Minglang said。
“No good,Go catch the dragon,Into those holy mountain magic dens,Find the traces of the Supreme Dragon,If you tame a supreme dragon,Even the up-front domestication costs are saved!”Mr. Koi hates iron but not steel。
Zhu Minglang is now taking the elite dragon route。
Just try to make every dragon you own strong,Beyond one’s own blood、The limits of race。
Although it is really effective right now,With the Fruit of Jude Mo,Shenmu Qingshenglong is also powerful,Only Big Black Fang is a little behind,But a truly powerful dragon shepherd,It’s impossible to break into the world with four dragons alone!
Where the Dragon Shepherd is strong,Is the dragon,Otherwise, how can the fragile dragon shepherd compete with the mortal???
Four dragons。
Only four dragons!
From Mr. Koi’s point of view,I wish Minglang doubled now,Not too much!
Not that every dragon must be extremely strong,Must have reserves!
Youngling、Young dragon、Chu Long、Untamed adult dragon,The supreme dragon that wants to capture,All of these,Even if many dragons are not high in cultivation,They have a special ability,It’s also worth starting。
For example, Xiantulong……
Who cares about Xiantulong’s cultivation,But Xiantulong has a rare healing magic!