And swept in front of my eyes again,While watching,For such a problem,Actually Fang Liang looks,deep in the heart,It’s coming more and more clearly。

It just fell directly into the distance,In this situation,Actually Fang Liang felt,These things,Essentially,It’s nothing at all。
“All right,let’s start。”
Fang Liang finished,Wang Teng took out a glass of wine,Drink it all。
This speed,This rhythm,Completely scared everyone。
Looks in others,This is so straightforward,Let them not know,What should I say。
“how about it,come。”
Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
And with Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,Now,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,What should I do,Actually this,It’s beyond doubt。
quickly,Someone joins in。
But not long,These people feel the pressure。
Wang Teng’s face looks a little red,But it looks closer,But it doesn’t look like you’ve drunk too much。
The more so,It seems that the more it makes them feel an unprecedented pressure。
So here,Actually such a thing is in front of us,For Wang Teng,What exactly needs to be done,He is even more clear in his heart。
“Actually next,What we need to do,Don’t need too much。”
“Just need,Just keep drinking like this!”
Wang Teng said to Wei Yuyan,And Wei Yuyan,I looked a little dumbfounded。
“Wang Teng,Are you really okay?”