“It’s what you said to sterilize the Tianlong people?”

“That is later!Tianlong people have a very good face, you know that!”
The Empress nodded,Of course she knows this,I have even seen these days when the dragon people killed hundreds of people for their face。
“it is good,Then you can see clearly!”Leo laughed,Then suddenly sent a signal to the monster through the fruit of the operation。
now,The originally well-behaved monster suddenly changed。
Suddenly, the monster violently violently threw down the Dragonoid http://www.art0372.cnwho was excited to control it to trample on slaves。
The monster suddenly rises,The guards not far away didn’t expect this to happen。
http://www.shantaifoods.cn Monsters have always been well-behaved,Secondly, when the Tianlong people play, they dare not get too close。
They thought the monsters could tell the riots。
I didn’t expect the monster to be so fast,Do it without exposing a breath。
And that little Tianlongren is miserable,Falling down by a monster and then trampled by the monster。