Beside youth,Stay with a young man,Well-fit,Handsome,Temperament is also good,A pair of temperature Wenya。

See them,Summer does not help but。
It’s an acquaintance。
The hand held flowers in front of Suling,It is called Chen Jiajun from Yangcheng Chen Jia.。
And you are standing by him,Then the guy named Xu Wenle。
Summer eyes slightly,I immediately walked over。
Yunno and Zhang Fengxian and others have followed。
“Let go,I don’t know you again.。”Su Ling enrogated Chen Jiajun。
“Miss Su didn’t know me.,But I am a long time for Miss Su.,I have long wanted to meet.。First introduce yourself,Chen Jiajun,From Yangcheng Chenjia,I want to make a friend with Miss Su.。”
Chen Jiajun held a flower,A look of love,“Miss Su,Do you believe in love at first sight??I think……I have deeply fall in love with you.,Please receive my pursuit.。”
This sentence,Everyone on the four weeks suddenly suddenly,One is concentrated in Su Ling。
And Xu Wenle on the side, a faint smile,A word does not send。
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First1516Chapter I don’t accept you to play me.
First1516Chapter I don’t accept you to play me.
“What is your identity?,Please let you open now。”
Su Ling is very depressed,Even anger。
Recently,She has been careful。
Coupled with the mother’s injury and what happened yesterday,Her emotions have been unstable。
Noon,She originally came out to eat,I didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing.。
Her external image,And the identity of the beautiful principal,I didn’t have a similar thing before.。
Usually,Su Ling will politely refuse。
This time is the same。
But she didn’t expect this guy to be entangled.,And the words that are more and more exposed,More and more over。
“Miss Su,I have seen you at first sight.,Please promise to be my girlfriend.。If you don’t agree,I will not let you go。”
Chen Jiajun is deeply looked at Su Ling,The face is a look of love.。
But in his scorpion, there is a slight play.。
At this time,Xu Wenle next to it also smiles and,“Miss Su,Read on Chen Shao,You will agree.,I can guarantee you,As long as you promise,What is wrong with future?,You may not know Chen Jia,That is the first big name of Yangcheng,Chen Jia is a super luxury,Even if you don’t have more giants in Beijing,Even too many,All……Mountain high emperor。”
Toned,He also,“If you say it is welcome.,Miss Su, you are just a deputy principal of the university.,Can speak for Chen,Not big deal,Chen Shao looks at you,Is your blessing,Don’t be in the blessings.。”
Su Lingqi’s face,I can’t say a word.。
She has already seen it.,These two people are never those pigs that have encountered.。