He wants to tell everyone,His Wu Hao,The same is not good。

The two will step by step,Going to the central government。
“Please advise。”
No extra words,Burder。
Wu Hao, took out the most powerful basement martial arts.——Star knife!
At this time, the sun,It’s getting http://www.yelangedu.cn dark,But as Wu Hao broke,The upper appearance is incomparable。
It seems that there are countless stars gathered to the ring.,The gorgeous knife is like a god of light.。
But this is not a sacred beauty。
This is like a shammous and wavy death。
Brief silent,Half air riot,Murderous。
Like a landslide,The violent energy is dramant。
The whole platform is full of violently shaking,Forbidden to refresh,Another moment of exhausted energy tear。
I would like to know how strong this knife is.。
Wu Hao’s stars, the knife, is called the martial arts.,Have a windy rain-like power。
If it is a general constructor, it is covered by this knife.,Really the bones。
The long knife in his hands,The energy of the god is like a generous layer of mercury.,出 海 气 气,Stirring energy shakes。
A knife,Ten parties,Take the http://www.yxwed.cn Gobian。
Howest powerful pressure and energy on the ground,Prohibition is completely torn,The ground is rushing to crack。
Very terrible。
Wu Hao only took a knife,It has caused such a terrible consequences。
People are shocking,Gogjian is in the hands of a red sword,No http://www.azrat.cn slightest,Greeting heavy waves。
The violent knife waver will drown him。
The body of Gogjian is also broken.,Residual limbs。
Wood disciple,All stood up,Stunned。
Legendary like Gogjian,Even the other party can’t stop,It was completely smashed.?
Next moment。
Wu Hao did not win the joy of victory。
Instead, a very bad premonition,Feeling the shadow of death。
not good!
He yelled,I don’t want to think about it.,Flying in the body。