Sichuan actively constructs a new pattern of forest grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education

People’s Network Chengdu November 16th Recently, the leadership team of the Sichuan Forest Grassland anti-fire fighting special rectification work "Sichuan Forest Grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education special rectification work implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"), effectively enhance the cadre forest Prairie anti-fighting political awareness, responsibility awareness, legal awareness, prevention awareness and safety awareness. In terms of ending fundamentally guiding ideology, the "program" pointed out that the party committees of the party committees at all levels, especially the "three states" (Ganzi Prefecture, Abazhou, Liangshan State, Panzhihua City) party committee and relevant departments should pass the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the government Standing meeting, party group (committee) meeting, theoretical topic learning conference, etc. In the intensive laws and regulations publicity, the "program" clearly, the annual March, in April, the publicity of the forest grassland anti-fire protection publicity moon, on the website, newspapers and periodicals, etc. Bilingual publicity. In the county (city, district) and township (town), the forest grassland anti-extinguishing knowledge tour, in December and the forest grassland fire prevention period, promote the publicity of laws and regulations in the forest grassland anti-extinguishing laws and regulations Entering the house. Strengthening the case statement, from the case of the case, warning education, from December 2020, in the provincial news media and forest grassland anti-fire protection key area newspaper, radio and television station, public information network, integration medium, etc., etc. A batch of illegal violations use fire and typical cases to guide the cadres in their lives.

In the key fire prevention period, the "program" requires the "two-leg" role in the "two-leg", grasping the fire prevention period, middle, and then time nodes to arrange the forest grassland anti-fire fighting work, guide the norms of villagers to produce live fire behavior, enhance the masses, especially The masses in the ethnic areas use fire in accordance with the law, reasonable fire, and correctly use the fire.

Touching the Spring Festival, Qingming and Minority Traditional Sacrifice Festival, strengthen civilized green sacrificial propaganda, education guide the masses to move the customs.

During the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, the Qingming, May 1st, National Day and other holidays have widely advocated civilized travel, civilized tourism, civilized fire. In the spring farming and autumn harvest, the peak season is used to promote and distribute the wild external fire notice. In the focus of the gathering focus, "Program" pointed out that the forest grassland fire propaganda slogan, signage (monument), forest grassland fire is high risk area, high-roots, publicistory, promotion slogans All kinds of natural protective places and key parts of the pastoral area of ??the state-owned forest area, the entrances, attractions and key parts of the tourist scenic spot, the attractions, and the stamping position of the scenic spot, starry hotel, etc. , Rolling the forest grassland anti-fire reminder prompt, promoting publicity and education.

In terms of grasping fine, the "Program" requirements are required to use the Anthonym Night University to open the "anti-fighting special class", according to the households to post the village of the village, and the anti-fire calendar, the annual painting, etc., etc. Good spontaneous relocation households, the deep mountain district is scattered in farmers, left behind the old people publicity and education. It is necessary to strengthen the forest grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education of the floating population, special crowds, and minors guardians, temples, digital management personnel and visiting personnel. It is necessary to promote the forest grassland anti-fire knowledge "enter the classroom", do a good job in the fire prevention education of primary and secondary school students and the faculty and staff abide by the forest grassland anti-fire protection laws and regulations. In terms of rich publicity and education, the "program" clarifies the use of full media means, using all kinds of Internet new media platforms, widely use village broadcast, promotional vehicles, motorcycles, small speakers, radio television stations, and media center, telecommunications , Mobile, Unicom and other basic telecommunications companies do a good job in legal and regulatory knowledge tour, forest grassland anti-fire public service advertisement, forest grassland anti-fighting public welfare SMS push and other work.

In the development of special publicity activities, "program" requires organizing a group of media interview activities, holding measures such as anti-extinguishing micro video contests, rich group publicity and education activities, talking about forest grassland anti-fire stories, enhancing all walks of life to participate in anti-fighting fire Positive, initiative, guiding relevant social organizations to carry out publicity and education of forest grassland anti-fire protection. In terms of increasing funding investment, "Program" pointed out that all levels of finance and relevant departments, natural protection, tourist scenic spots, state-owned forestry forests and forest honey production units should budget and put enough forest grassland anti-fire protection promotion Educational special funds, ensuring that the measures of anti-fire protection and education are implemented in place. At the same time, the "program" clarifies the special rectification of the forest grassland anti-fire protection and education special rectification, highlighting the list, rectifying the task list, and the improvement system. (Zhu Hong Tan Jing) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei).