The 76th Group Army has an official supervision of the officers and soldiers

Not long ago, the 76th Group Army A brigade is diligent, the military committee member Chen Shuo-Shuoh, through the brigade of the "Military Committee Democratic Supervision Terminal Platform", the "eight-step method", shorten the optical cable welding time, this A training method is promoted throughout. In the previous survey, the trip found that the grassroots military committee supervision mode is single, and officers and soldiers participate in enthusiasm, and democratic supervision work is not obvious. At the beginning of last year, the traveler relying on the Administration of Domain Network, the "Military Committee Democratic Supervision Terminal Platform" that can carry out online training, information, information inquiry, and the message interaction interaction. After the terminal access, the tentacles of the military committee democratic supervision extends To the end of the base layer.

Open the computer login platform, "Organize Construction" "Supervision Process" "Military Sound" and other modules, the political democratic group, the military democratic group, and the economic democratic group function is displayed on the screen.

"With the help of the information platform, the military committee supervise the duties at a glance, and everyone’s prisoners are quick and convenient." Deng Shangwen, member of the military democratic group of a part of the military committee, said that the company prepared to organize a war, and he was based on the preparation of democratic supervision processes and participated in the formulation. Exercise plan.

After the drill, he combined with the actual number of improvements were adopted by the team. The platform broadens the grassroots officers and men to carry out democratic supervision channels according to law. Yang Dong, the Government Committee, said that the platform has been operated in May last year, the grassroots military committee has successfully suggested more than 300 official opinions. It solves more than 70 specific problems in the order and the superior, and publicly promises to ensure that the officers and soldiers have a platform. The appeal has echo. An all of the Military Commission, said that the platform has a bridge of information feedback and exchange interactive between the official and the military committee, which mobilizes everyone to participate in the enthusiasm of democratic supervision.

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