Carrying forward Song Yun culture 2021 first landing poetry opening

People’s Network Shaoxing November 14th (Chen Wanquan) This poetry is the theme of "Song Yue Yue City, Poetry Rural Village" is aimed at promoting Song Yun culture, recommend Lu Zhengzu, promoting rural rejuvenation, and realizing a common prosperity. Take ancient times, the new era kinetic energy "Song Yun culture is an important cultural logo with the Chinese style and Zhejiang identification, and Shaoxing is both a South Song Dynasty and the southern Song Dynasty. It is also a big poet landing. It is Song Yun culture. A highlight of the construction. "Deputy Secretary of Shaoxing Yuecheng District Committee, District General Yuan Jian said. Shaoxing Yuecheng District Yushan Scenic Area and Damshan Village, there is an excellent stone scenery, rich in literary resources.

It is understood that in the abutment mountain, there are still many Song Dynasties such as ancient bridge, ancient wells, ancient temple sites. Yuecheng District revitalizes the rural residence, builds Lu Jozu’s ip, interprets the windsting of the new era, and then "landing country world", and building a nationally marked research travel base.

"Lu You as a peak in the field of Song Yun culture, leaving the rich heritage of poetry, especially the rural poems that reflect Zhedong’s lives, and is a huge treasure house in the countryside of the Song Dynasty." Shaoxing Municipal Committee, propaganda Minister Di Xing said.

The first landing poetry festive, is listed as an important event in Song Yun Culture Festival in Zhejiang Province, one of the important initiatives to create an IP of Lu Jozu.

According to the plan, Lu Zunzu will build land travel colleges, style Song Street, poetry temple, Lao Meng Mountain, lotus dream, Qi Tour Park, Lujia’s vegetables, Lujiaji, Lu Jiahua, etc., and will land Poetry "Paveting the Earth" and vigorously promotes research travel.

At the same time, it will plan the landmark poetry, the farewell festival, and the rice field ancient music concert.

During the tribute, use "the most-earth" form "There is a feeling of crossing, the costumes of the Song Dynasty, the life of the Song Dynasty, can let the children understand the ancient poems, the child also likes it, come back next time.

"Ms. Li, who participated in the event, said. The first landing poetry conference is the most important event of this poetry. College students from colleges and universities such as Zhejiang University and overseas students, through style show, painting guess, keyword guess, flying flowers and other links Lead the visitors and the online audience to revisit the continent and show the audience to the story behind the poems and the understanding of Song Yun culture. In order to make the activity more ground, let the poetry into the local people home, local students, culture Scholars, organs, villagers, tourists, etc. form five helpful squares, participate in answers, share the beauty of poetry, and the interest of the poetry.

At the opening ceremony, the performance of the Guest and anti-gold array performances, the National Le played, and the power of the mighty and the mighty in landing poetry was exhausted. At the event, a group of well-known calligraphy people in Zhejiang Province wrote landing poetry, showing the land of their eyes; "Song Zhi’s neon" South Song clothing is awarded, Song Yun Guo Feng elements are more strong, everywhere is fluttering, elegant. "The windy is everywhere."

Point tea, burn incense, flower arrangement, painting, reproduce the South Song Dynasty, "Song Yunmei Student Live Show" From all aspects of clothing, sitting, stop, etc., the daily generation of South Song people, immersive "style Song Street" ancient breeze It is a lot of tourists.

Wen travel integration, helping the country’s revitalization "Doing this," is a duck, "Man City Spring Color Wall Wallow" is a vegetable platter with a vegetable platter … "Let Meng Shi Ban" is named after Lu Tiji Cooking a cultural drink banquet, including the twelve new food cuisine of mountain water charm, and poeticity.

The opening ceremony of the poetry Festival also held Song Yun Culture Research Inheritance Base, China Piece Tribe Song Yun Art Creation Base is awarded, "Weimen" series of literary and "landing poetry" festival brand released, "Wengng poetry" food brand release and other rituals.

Among them, the "Gunmean Banquet" is impressive.

Wu Ping, the Standing Committee of the Yuecheng District Committee, Minister of Propaganda, believes that the organism of Luyou Poetry Festival, promote agriculture, text, brigade, with "Lunar Poetry" to enhance visitors to the understanding and love of landing food, and promote sales and sales of surrounding farmers Increasing, better promoting rural residence, common prosperity.

On the Poetry Festival, there was a "landing country world" as the theme, and the land travel culture forum was held in the Cultural Auditorium of the Damshan Village.

CCTV Baijia Learners Lin Yan, "China Poetry Conference" fourth quarter champion Chen Yan and others, talking about landing poetry achievements and his rural life aesthetics, land travel poetry to children’s education and personality, with landing culture to promote village Revitalization, etc.

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