China college entrance examination increases the rule of law, not only for "knowledge points"

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "National Education System to carry out the eighth five-year planning of the rule of law publicity and education (2021-2025).

It is mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of the scope of the rule of law of the students and the spirit of the rule of law, and increase the knowledge of the rule of law in the senior high school entrance examination, the contents of the college entrance examination. China college entrance examination increases the inspection content of the rule of law, which is conducive to the supervision of teaching schools and teachers to do their best to work well.

  Launching the rule of law in the education system, which has its importance and urgency.

The education activities are important in educating people, reflecting and highlighting a certain realistic appeal, the rule of law is the distinctive characteristics of our country and social operation, knowing the law, understanding the law is the basic requirement for a citizen, and the important aspect of the formation of the citizen . In all stages of legal knowledge organically integrated into adolescent education, you can strengthen students’ legal beliefs, significantly improve students’ legal literacy, education to exercise civil rights, perform legal obligations, and gradually learn to use legal weapons to defend their rights, and help students’ long-term developing.

  Vigorously carry out campus rule of law education, can improve the discrimination and self-helpance of students who are illegally infringed in the campus. For example, after encountering campus bullying or being excessively punished with teachers, students can realize that individual rights are being violated, and dare to encourage their courage to find out conflict contradictions, and to prevent harm to avoid harm and maintain their rights. From the perspective of the entire plan, the rule of law education activities can create a good rule of law atmosphere for the education system to enhance the ability of education system according to law. Education managers can strengthen the awareness of the rule of law, adhere to administrative administration according to law, reduce the production of education violations.

The majority of teachers explain the rule of law knowledge to students, and can also enhance their personal knowledge, and establish a good teacher’s model with the rule of law of thinking. Enhance the proportion of legal knowledge in the contents of the middle college entrance examination, which is conducive to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the public education activities, thereby cultivating a group of professional teaching programs to form a more scientific teaching program.

  In the specific teaching, the coherent and normalization of the rule of law education should be maintained to ensure the adequacy of the basic class and pay attention to the quality of the course, and put each lesson; at the same time, it should follow the physical and mental development law of youth, according to its real life experience, Focus on precise cases, with the case, vividly present the rule of law details, rather than the emptiness. In order to strengthen the teaching effect, many schools will also cooperate with justice and law enforcement agencies into the rule of law education base, leading students to visit and learn.

In September 2016, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Education have tested activities in the "Rule of Rule of Campus" in three years, many prosecutors have become the "Deputy President of Rule of Law".

According to the principle of "who enforcement, who is the law", the state government also needs to innovate the form of law, expand the scope of law, and the school can use this as an opportunity to form linkage with state organs and social power, so that students practices in learning, deepen in practice know.

  With the advancement of the relevant planning of the Ministry of Education, schools should be based on the existing course staff, actively find out the short board, formulate the program, improve the course, and reserve teachers, lay the foundation for the order of the follow-up teaching practices. In the context of national implementation of the law, the awe and belief of the law should be a consciousness of each citizen. Overall, appropriate increase in the rule of law knowledge in the senior high school entrance examination, the proportion of the college entrance examination, in an all-round way to conduct a rule of law in the education system, is an important part of the law-abiding in the whole people, which is conducive to comprehensively enhances the ability of youth to adapt to society.