“Haven’t you been paid yet??”

Xiang Yang looked at Ling Yun suspiciously。
“You two speak Chinese very well,But I knew it was not from Huaxia,I don’t even know that I can store value in an Internet cafe!”
Ling Yun smiled and continued to lead the way,Although I dislike the process of using future money,But thinking that I can’t do much damage to my future,The most important thing is to let the two people behind me have a full meal,worth it!
“Because i don’t have a computer,So when you need to check information,I will come here,Far away,But the environment is not bad!”
All the way,In order to be distracted,Ling Yun chatted with Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang.,Maybe it’s been too long without anyone chatting,Ling Yun’s endless words made Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang feel the pressure。
Then these details,Ling Yun didn’t mean to be quiet at all,Until Ling Yun took out some line graphs in his mobile phone to introduce Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang to his major,I was met again by Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang’s simultaneous stop gesture,That I don’t understand at all。
After a short silence,Ling Yun and the three of them have arrived at their final destination。
Lingyun put the ID card on the machine,From the speaker“Dear member,Happy birthday to you”the sound of。
Ling Yun was taken aback,I have forgotten my birthday,I didn’t expect to be remembered by the machine today。
Although only one of the three of Ling Yun is online,But after the machine reminded happy birthday,The webmaster still gave the gentlest smile and blessing,Then Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang also sent birthday wishes to Ling Yun。
Ling Yun was stunned again,Then happily smiled at the webmaster。
“Help me make three instant noodles,Add ham and braised egg!”
The webmaster goes to help the instant noodles,Ling Yun smiled at Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang again。
“Today is my birthday,Eat something ritual!”
Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang expressed their understanding,It doesn’t matter what you eat,The important thing is to eat!
Ling Yun has not forgotten what Xiang Chen did to those who embarrassed him before,So after eating the meal before,Everyone is not going to have any more intersections。
Ling Yun habitually clicked on the mosaics and discounts that Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang could not understand,Have to admit,Ling Yun was reluctant to say goodbye,But once I imagined the magnificent waves,Ling Yun didn’t think about it long ago,So it’s better to cherish each!
“Xiang Chen,Do you remember how you treated me before?”