Her ambition is not big,Don’t expect to master the strongest way。

Can reach the level of ordinary Taoism,She is satisfied!
A moment of breakthrough,She didn’t hesitate。
A chaotic force appeared,Crazily flooding her body,Even forming a chaotic vortex around the temple of the gods。
An instant,The Divine Pupil Palace moved General Hui Lei out of the palace!
but,General Hui Lei doesn’t care。
Under the guidance of a strong obsession,The Tao tree in her body keeps growing,From a world of thirty-six thousand feet to the extreme,Keep climbing to fifty-four thousand feet。
On behalf of her‘Black’with‘Cyan light’Two fusion paths。
Tao tree keeps growing,The crystal in her body is constantly evolving,Increasing number。
Simultaneously,Divine body、Mana also changes!
quickly,Her power、Mana is increased a thousand times,Reached the level of a monarch!
“One Entry Daojun,But the carp jumped into the dragon gate,And it’s easy to reach the second step。Just three steps,Also have absolute certainty。”Return to Thunder。。Do not,Daojun Hui Lei’s cold eyes are full of surprises,“I can also serve as the elder of the sect,In one day,I will return home,Kill yourself。。。”
Right in the temple,Fengying Daojun’s body is covered by gray air currents!
Fengying Daojun,Are the three disciples of the ancestor of Tianqiong。
he,It is the origin of the chaotic ancestor of a chaotic world,He is the ancestor of wind in that chaotic world,Step into the world early。