To be clear tomorrow, you must sweep the tomb, pay more attention to health, do a good job of three raises, four defenses, resulting in less illness!

To be clear tomorrow, you must sweep the tomb, pay more attention to health, do a good job of “three raises, four defenses”, resulting in less illness!

“Almanac” cloud: “On the fifteenth day after the spring equinox, fighting for the Ding, for the Qingming, when everything is clean and clear, when the cover is clear and clear, everything is visible, hence the name.

“The Ching Ming Festival, also known as the Youth Festival, is the traditional festival of developing countries at the turn of Zhongchun and Hunchun.

Qingming is one of the most popular solar terms in the spring.

Almost related to the practice of sweeping graves, it is a particularly important health-saving festival.

In the Ching Ming period, it is an important festival of sacrifice to clear the tomb. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the tomb.

It is initially divided into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Qingming sweeping the tomb is a tribute to the ancestors.

On the day of Ching Ming Festival, the whole family will bring fruit and snacks together to go up the mountain to go to the graves of their deceased relatives to pin our grief.

In addition, the Ching Ming Festival, there are the custom of inserting Liu, Dai Liu.

In the Ching Ming period, “the family is full of shackles, cute and lovely, men and women or wear them.”

In the Ching Ming period, it is more important to keep a healthy life and do a good job of “three raises and four defenses”, so that you will get sick!

“Three raises” one, raising the heart and clearing the season, sweeping the tomb to worship the ancestors, missing their loved ones, will inevitably be heavy.

At this time, many people are prone to depression.

Therefore, pay attention to raising your heart.

Nourishing a small coup: 1, eat some red five colors into the five dirty, red into the heart, eat more red food, good for heart health.

Red food can reduce fatigue, anti-aging, blood, heart, cold and so on.

Red beans, red dates, grapefruit, tomatoes, cherries, etc., are good choices, daily care, may wish to eat more.

2, after picking up the hand, pick up the hand, you can stimulate the heart through the meridian, let the organs get excited, help the body to quickly restore physical fitness.

3, licking your toes and kicking your feet, you can improve the symptoms of urethral discomfort in some patients with coronary heart disease through the role of “protecting the heart”.

Second, nourish the liver and liver, the main venting, and the inseparable connection with emotions and secrets.

When Qingming sweeps the grave, it is inevitable that there will be thoughts and mourning for the dead, especially the elderly at home.

Bad emotions can affect liver qi, leading to liver qi stagnation and impairing liver health.

Therefore, in the Qingming season, we must also pay attention to the maintenance of the liver.

Liver small coup: 1, red rose flower soaked in red rose flowers, soaked in water, can soothe the liver and qi, help the liver gas burst, relieve bad mood.

“Materia Medica re-new” records, “shugan bile stagnation, spleen and fire.


During the Qingming period, it uses water to soak it, the aroma is rich, and the nature is mild, which causes liver and qi, relieves liver qi stagnation, nourishes the heart and liver, and improves bad mood.

In addition, it can also alleviate the spring sleep and protect the liver.

2, push the two ribs often push one push two ribs, help to clear the liver.

Liver meridian, from the two ribs, push the two ribs, help the blood flow of the liver, can relieve liver and relieve depression.

Hands, respectively, aligned with the upper and lower sides, one hand forwards one hand backwards, relatively back and forth to try to figure out, one go and one count, one time, a total of 30 times three, raising the spleen and stomach “clearing rains in the Qingming”!

Since ancient times, it has been rainy and clear, and the continuous drizzle of Qingming has brought about the wet and evil that is easy to attack.

Wet spleen hurts the spleen and easily causes spleen and stomach damage.

Therefore, in the Qingming season, we must also pay attention to raising the spleen and stomach.

Raise the spleen and stomach small coup: 1, cook some porridge, spleen and stomach, prevent dampness, eat some porridge, is a good choice.

Porridge can replenish Yin liquid, produce stomach and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach, make up the loss, and best support people.

Yam red dates glutinous rice porridge, red bean glutinous rice porridge, millet pumpkin porridge, etc. are all good choices.

2, take a full three feet to shoot the foot of Sanli, can produce stomach gas, dry spleen wet, help longevity.In particular, after breakfast, the tapping effect is better.

“Four defenses” 1, anti-cold clearing season, warm and cold, bacteria, viruses are easy to breed.

At this time, it is a high season of cold, we must pay attention to prevention.

When you go out to play, you should bring on your clothes and cold medicine.

Take a proper rest and maintain a normal lifestyle.

Drink plenty of water, pay attention to a balanced diet, eat less spicy, greasy food, eat more light, easily digestible fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean meat and so on.

Pay attention to the ventilation of the normally open doors and windows to keep the air clear and fresh.

2, anti-moisture clear season, too much rain, increased moisture, at this time, must prevent moisture into the body.

In addition, do not stay in the surrounding environment for a long time, you can also drink some hot tea, detoxification.

Use purslane, corn mustard, coix seed, red bean, medlar, hawthorn, light bamboo leaves, mix together, dry, crush, add tea bags, soak in water, you can.

3, anti-diarrhea in the Qingming period, the incidence of diarrhea is also very high.

Therefore, we must help to prevent diarrhea.

First of all, the diet needs to comply with the anti-viral principle.

Drink plenty of water and absorb excessive amounts of vitamins and inorganic salts such as cabbage, canola, and carrots.

Eat more vitamins and vitamin E foods to improve the body’s immunity, such as egg yolks and beans.

Time, windy days, less outdoor wind, cooking more ginger, because ginger can be warm.

4, anti-hypertensive in the clear season, the weather is warm and cold, at this time, must help prevent high blood pressure.

Temperature fluctuations, cold and hot weather, easily lead to blood flow and vasoconstriction, so blood pressure will fluctuate.

Friends with high blood pressure should be vigilant.

Especially for the elderly, if you have headaches, symptoms such as dizziness, you must be highly recognized.

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