2 cases of no symptom infection in Halluits, Xinjiang are Delta variaries

  Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, October 7 (Reporter Pan Ying, Zhou Shengbin) 7th, Xinjiang Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture People’s Government Information Office held a press conference, Yili Prefecture Health and Health Committee Party Secretary Chen Zhengfa introduced the source of epidemic flow in Holuas City At the time, October 5, Holuas City has begun the third round of nucleic acid detection. As of 19:00 on October 6, all the results are negative, and the current Holuas City has launched the fourth round of members. Nucleic acid detection. The sequencing analysis of new crown virus gene sequencing was carried out by two cases of invisible infections reported on October 3, Halluits. Chen Zhengfa said that the 2 cases of new crown virus genome were compared with the recent local epidemic in China, and did not find high homologous genomic sequences.

  At 0:00 to 6 October, 24, Yili (including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Korda City), a total of 1 case of confirmed cases, reported to Holuas City; invoofer 4 cases, including 2 cases of Holuas City, the 42nd division of the Corps, Korda City, 62 regiments. Sun Yan, deputy director of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Yili Prefecture, said that after the emergence of the epidemic, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism sent an expert guidance group to the Yili to guide the epidemic situation.

Autonomous Region, Yili, Holuas City and the fourth division of the Corps will respond quickly, struggle to win the second, and strive to carry out the efforts of the epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely control the epidemic in the minimum range. At present, the overshoot control situation is generally smooth and controlled.

  When Chen Zhengfa introduced the medical treatment of the epidemic, Chen Zhengfa said that 2 cases of invisible infections and 1 diagnosis in Holuitos have received medical treatment and health monitoring in Holuos City.

The joint medical treatment group consisting of autonomous regions, Yili, Holuas City, strictly in accordance with the treatment plan determined by the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism treatment expert and the medical treatment expert group of the Autonomous Region, continuously updated the optimization treatment plan, full treatment Patient.

At the same time, we carefully do the health monitoring and service management related work of asymptomatic infected people. Wang Zhongming, deputy director of the 4th Division of the Corps, Wang Zhongming, deputy mayor of Korda, said that since October 3, the fourth division of the Corps has encrypted all nucleic acid detection frequencies, from October 3, 4th, respectively. The three-wheeled nucleic acid test was completed on the 5th, and the cumulative nucleic acid was detected by 544,876 people. In addition to the reported 62 groups of 2 people, the other results were negative. On October 6, the 42nd group and the surrounding 61 groups, 63 groups, and 64 groups were completed, and the total number of nucleic acid tests were all negative. Other groups launched the fourth round of nucleic acid detection on the 7th.