“Qin Feng,Do you think Palace Master Dongfang lied to you??Right,You have forgotten my existence, right。”

“What do you mean?”Qin Feng thinks he might have met Qin Tiannan,Otherwise, the familiar feeling won’t appear。But the problem is,Now listen to what Qin Tiannan said,There seems to be something else between them?
“My name is Qin Tiannan,But do you know how you survived?”
“amount.”Qin Feng didn’t understand the inevitable connection。So I don’t know how to respond。
At this time Qin Tiannan laughed,But I laugh at myself in laughter,“Haha,Qin Feng, Qin Feng,You are so sad。wrong,Maybe I am a sad person too。”
Qin Feng felt more and more inexplicable,Because he doesn’t understand。And Qin Tiannan’s thread is obviously wrong at this time。
“Qin Wangchu wanted to let you survive,I used the civet cat for the prince。but me,It’s the shadow that Qin Wangchu brought to the Qin family to play you。Understand?ITMJust a child under ten,But to be sacrificed for you。If you don’t,You can’t be replaced and live。”
Qin Feng heard what Qin Tiannan said,Suddenly feel very sad。If what Qin Tiannan said is true,So this is for a child,Really cruel。
Without waiting for Qin Feng to respond,Qin Tiannan continued:“There is no good person in your Qin family。Your father, Qin Wangchu, knows he is in danger,I know Skynet’s
People will never let him go。Then he didn’t even resist,Accept death safely。Even use106The destruction of Kouqin’s family in exchange for you to survive。
Yes,Maybe others will say,Even if Qin Wangchu did this, it was actually great,Because this is the father,To save the child。He sacrificed his family。But me?What am i?Because I looked a little like you when I was a kid,So what do I want to do??Ha ha,Okay,Your Qin family is dead。But I survived by chance。”
Speaking of which,Qin Tiannan stared at Qin Feng,“how about it,Is it a very ironic story?Still do you think,My father did nothing wrong?You still said I was cold-blooded?All by youbī)from!”