Long Shaoyun is naturally more difficult to get used to Qin Feng’s jumping thinking。Besides, isn’t he afraid of accidents when he goes to the law firm??
But Long Shaoyun couldn’t help but shudder when he thought of the other party’s strength beyond human strength.,I even warned myself not to die。At least it’s not the time for Qin Feng to be by his side。
Long Shaoyun’s Revenge,But he knew unless he could find someone who could defeat Qin Feng,Otherwise, he may only be trampled under Qin Feng’s feet in his life, and he will never have a chance for revenge.。
unfortunately,Now people have to bow their heads under the eaves,Long Shaoyun can only follow Qin Feng to the law firm he knows well,Find a lawyer who usually helps Long Shaoyun handle business。
The lawyer even found an opportunity to inform Long Qianyuan,I think that Long Shaoyun was hijacked to do the transfer procedure。It’s just that this lawyer didn’t expect that in the end, even Long Qianyuan would just say that there would be no follow-up response after learning about it。
It is late at night after the procedures are completed,But many lawyers don’t work from 9 to 5,Besides, handling these transfer procedures will cost them a lot of processing fees,Of course they are willing to work overtime。
Did Long Shaoyun hide and leave Qin Feng privately?,But he was somewhat surprised when he saw the other party transfer 80 million to his account。
Because I didn’t expect Long Shaoyun to have a company worth over 100 million when he was in college.。And the working capital already has 80 million,This is really amazing!
of course,No matter how good Long Shaoyun is in business,Now his industry has been taken over by Qin Feng,So he wants to make a comeback, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time。
“Can i go?”Seeing Qin Feng’s smile blooming,Long Shaoyun was bleeding in his heart,But to be able to leave this demon,He can only keep smiling。
“Of course you can pull。Shaoyun brothers,With our deadly friendship, you can naturally leave at any time。the most important is,I didn’t mean to drive you away,If you want to stay in Dongcheng and continue to study and pick up girls,I also welcome。”Qin Feng looked at the money figures in his account and didn’t know what his anger was.。
Even he is still feeling,My previous desperate mercenary missions may not even rob Long Shaoyun this time.。
of course,The most important thing is that Qin Feng doesn’t take many tasks,Although the asking price is quite high,But if it is to deal with the assassination mission of some state administrators and others, Qin Feng will definitely not accept it.。
So even in the mercenary world, Qin Feng is called Death,But it’s not an unreasonable demon。