[Do you eat more figs?]_ Eat more_ Impact

[Do you eat more figs?]_ Eat more_ Impact

Fig plants are different from other plants. Most of the plants in the world have flowers before flowering.

However, the plant such as figs has not blossomed, and it has become a fruit directly. In fact, the plant of figs is a combination of flowers and fruits, and its flowers are its fruits.

And figs are also very good for human health, so eating more will have a beneficial effect on the human body, but is it better to eat more figs?

First, the benefits delay the aging of figs after having grown up with vitamin C and anthocyanins.

Eating can clear free radicals from the body.

Inhibit the speed of cell aging, play a role in beauty and beauty.

Appetizing and healthy eating figs contain a large amount of plant acids and sugars. The taste is sweet and sour. It gives people a unique taste of sweet and sour when eating. It has an appetizing effect and is suitable for people with poor appetite to eat before meals.

Dried figs, stomach and stomach digestion Figs contain a variety of beneficial acids. When eaten, a large amount of gastric acid is secreted from the gastric juice, and the speed of food digestion will become faster.

The anti-cancer and anti-cancer figs contain higher active ingredients such as bergamot lactone and psoralen, and benzaldehyde can be extracted from the fruit juice that grows into future figs. They all have anti-cancer and anti-cancer properties.effect.

Purple peel fig intestinal laxative figs contain a large amount of supplemental fiber, which can stimulate peristalsis and promote the excretion of feces during intervention.

Second, aggravating diarrhea has the same effect as laxatives.

Has a strong excretory function.

In normal consumption, it can still have alkaline laxative and laxative effects. You must not eat figs during diarrhea.

The sugar content index of excessive figs is very high. If a large amount of glucose, fructose, and starch are consumed, the sugar in the blood cannot be consumed by timely metabolism, and it will be turned into an adult hoarding in the body, causing obesity.

When the figs are allergic to picking off the branches of the figs that are connected, there will be some white juice, which may corrode.

Because of this, allergies may occur when eating figs directly.

So friends with a history of allergies must pay attention to it?