obviously,It is very interested in the soul of Li Shixing Taoist,Don’t want to rush to kill him。

Taoist Li Shixing raised his head,Looking at the dark dragon leader in mid-air with piercing eyes。
“After giving your soul,Kill enough to a hundred of the same race,And dedicated their souls to me,You will be forgiven,Get the qualification to live on。”
That’s it for the Dark Dragon Lord,Deliberately paused,Continue to say。
“The same goes for other human races,Surrender to me,Then act according to my rules of the game,Will survive。”
Many human beings in front of the screen could not help but shocked by these words,Their eyes widened,Finally realized,It turns out that the monster has already sensed the existence of various human forces,And can appear on their heads anytime,Reap everyone’s lives。
otherwise,How could it teleport to the territory of MI6?,Turn the whole city into a sea of fire?
With this monster’s control over the rules of space,It can appear anywhere on earth,And its strength is unfathomable,anyone,No organization can fight it!
Is it,Human beings really want to be as it says,According to its game rules,Kill enough people of the same kind,To continue to live?
Pause time,People who saw this message,Their faces changed a lot。
Because they know,If this news spreads,Will most likely disrupt the entire human social system and order in a short time。
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Transfer
In the face of the pressure of survival,Don’t know what other people will make。
Obey the monster’s will,Raise the butcher knife,Kill the same race,Disobey its will,Will be slaughtered,Whether it was killed by the same race,Still killed by monsters,Most ordinary humans seem to have no choice。