Populus did not disappoint everyone,Nodded:“It’s a square basin with the second Jia Chuanhe painted in the Qing Dynasty,I also told brother Zhong Wenqiu before,Crabs have carapace,Reed Homophony,So two crabs and reeds,There is the meaning of Erjia Chuanhe。

This pile of drawings is a bit simple,So the value is a little bit worse,It’s about two million。”
This is still a bit worse?More than two million!
The people in the live room are making a sensation,Watch the anchor,How much money you make for granted,People have that ability、ability。But seeing others get rich,That shock is different。
Maybe after all,They also have a chance,Maybe you can ask Brother Hu for help,Identify a baby,Can fight for decades less immediately。
“Damn!Zhong Wenqiu is going to be so happy。”
“I’m going crazy,More than two million!”
“envy,When will Brother Hu come to our Northwest?We have roasted whole lamb。”
“Come to our Jiangxi!Jiangxi near,It’s three to five hours。”
“Buddies,I must treat this time?”Fitch patted Zhong Wenqiu on the shoulder。
Zhong Wenqiu just recovered,The whole person was trapped just now,Suddenly a windfall of more than two million yuan,Most people have this expression, right?
He nodded immediately:“please,Be sure to treat everyone to a big meal。Thanks brother Hu,If not for you……”
Populus euphratica waved his hand,Interrupt him:“It’s not you who uploaded photos,It’s not that you came all the way with the things,I can’t stand it either,So sometimes some things are won by yourself。”
After listening to everyone,Can’t help but nod,So many people watch the live broadcast,But only this guy is stunned,Came all the way to do identification。
“of course,I don’t encourage everyone to do this,Antiques are not so easy to encounter,Go all the way,If you run away for nothing, you waste time。There are really old things at home,You can upload the picture in the group first,I take a look,Feel certain,Not too late。”Populus suggestion。