Seeing these mercenaries have lost most of their gas,Robber Cook said with a smile“Is anyone still in charge now,Just give me 300,000 gold coins and I’ll leave immediately,It seems there is no one!”

“Then I have to search by myself,Brothers give me up!”
With an order,More than two hundred robbers approached the mercenaries。
Although I don’t have the courage to confront the bandit leader,But the mercenaries also know that the probability of escape is extremely low,Instead, the probability of surviving a desperate battle is higher!The mercenaries aroused the courage to clenched their weapons,Form a dense defensive circle。
On quantity,Robber more,But on individual strength,Except for individual bandit leaders,Ordinary robbers are not too strong!As for equipment,Professional mercenaries are also much more convenient to buy weapons and armors than bandits。
The mercenaries and robbers shot each other with bows and arrows,The mercenary is stronger here,Also better equipped,The armor shield resists most arrows that are not intercepted。
On the other hand, the bandit,Although most arrows are shot down by weapons,But still a few arrows hit the target,Wailing all over。
Robber leader Cook frowned,But didn’t do it,Because the number of bandits is several times that of mercenaries,Occupy the advantage,But also got the upper hand。
Although Wright and Curton heard Tom said that there are hidden masters in the caravan to deal with the strong of the Tkawi thieves,But the situation is urgent at this moment,In case the defense of the mercenaries is broken,Anna’s safety is hard to say。
Curton makes a full shot,Wind up!Bow!Shoot out!In one go。
Eight arrows are as fast as a shooting star but quietly,Each arrow is not powerful,But extremely accurate,Cleverly rubbing the bandits’ weapons and defenses,Shot into their chest、Eye socket、In the neck。The strange collapse of the eight bandits did not attract the attention of most bandits,Because of the fierce fighting at this moment,More than ten robbers and mercenaries died on the ground in a short time。
“boom!”A hot air wave mixed with bright flames,Swept towards the robbers in a fan shape with Wright as the center。
The hot air caused the bandits in the magic range to die,At this moment when the hot breath spreads,Most of the robbers were swallowed by the heat,The surface of the body is quickly smeared with a layer of charred black。
Some robbers use their anger to resist the high temperature,As the hot breath continues,However, they did not reach level seven,Dou Qi’s control has not reached the point where it can protect the body.,When they have to breathe,The scorching temperature poured into their fragile throat、Trachea and lungs。
Fire level six magic“Flame Breath!”
In the face of large-scale enemies,Magician is the strongest。
“Senior Magician!Wind Archer!”The bandit leader Cook originally smiled and watched his men suppress the mercenaries,However, this magic of Wright,Directly killed more than ten men,Although Kirton’s bow and arrow only killed eight of his men,But all of them are elite bandits!