The reaction is slow, the isolation person "is running"? The anti-vlorative first-line can not form a formalism bureaucracy

On September 28, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said that since September 21, 2021, Xinzhi Pneumonia has a new champion in Bayan County, Harbin, Songbei District, Bayan County, Individual Party Member and cadres pays attention to it is not enough. Insufficient preparation, incorporating the isolation transporter is not in place, causing adverse effects on the prevention and control of the city. Therefore, the Songbei District, Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control and Executive Duty Dead Division Cadres and Cadres. From a notification, it is seen that on September 24th, the Sanya District received a push-to-store information.

The Songbei District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters pushed the information until it was not tracked after its street office. Due to insufficient isolation points, the relevant street offices are not implemented until 9 o’clock in the 28th, it is concentrated. In another case, on September 26th, the Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Solidation Transfer Group will transs the two close contacts of the diagnosed case to two hotels in Harbin. Due to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, the two isolation people have left the isolation room to the hotel lobby. "The embankment is like an ant hole, and the air is irritated." These cases show that some party members and cadres have paralyzed ideas in the "taking the knot", tired of mood, luck, and weak state. In the epidemic prevention and control chain, "disappearing" "misplaced" in any link may disrupt the epidemic prevention and control overall situation, and the consequences are unimaginable.

The above case is some of the alarms of some ideological laverse party members: facing the systemic work of the epidemic prevention and control of this ring rings, must not engage in the set of "Self-sweeping doors", formalism, bureaucracy should not be.

In addition, the reporter found that in Harbin, a case-controlled community in Harbin, and there was also a case where the garbage stack was not cleaned up in time. Life materials guarantee, domestic garbage freight, etc.

Relevant parties need to be powered, perfect personnel deployment, and give people more warmth and peace of mind in the details.

The earth will not be loose in the northeast earth. I hope that the accountability of the discipline inspection department can effectively alert some party members and cadres, and further promote the majority of party members and cadres, and strict implementation of management measures and work requirements, and strive to win this epidemic prevention and control and preventive and control.