Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism House held a special meeting of the epidemic prevention and control work

People’s Network Xining October 21 On October 21st, Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall held the 32nd meeting of epidemic prevention and control, informing the current prevention and control of Qinghai Province, and the next stage Control key work has been analyzed and analyzed and arranged.

It is reported that the Scenic Spot, the Teach in Qinghai Province, and the Teaka Salt Lake Scenic Spot will be suspended from October 22, 2021.

The meeting requires that all units of the province’s Wenxiao should take the prevention and control of the epidemic as the first political task. A deep understanding of the severe complex situation facing the current epidemic prevention and control, earnestly improving the awareness, resolutely overcoming paralysis, luck, loose mentality, compaction with the responsibility of work, do a good job, the idea of ??fighting the battle, and go all out Good epidemic prevention and control work. Keep staring at key areas, key venues, key links, strengthening investigation and rectification, and resolutely prevent epidemics through cultural and tourism pathways.

At the same time, supervising all local Wenxiao Department strengthen communication and coordination with local health, disease control, public security, information and other departments, and achieve flat management, rapid disposal, and cooperate.

Combined with the actual work, revise the prevention and control emergency response programs, refine the process, and improve measures. All units should be responsible, who managed principles, strengthen hierarchical responsibilities, handle units and personal point lines. Strengthen management, do a good job in internal prevention and control, and comprehensively do a good job in the filing and return management of young people and return to you, adhere to the principle of "non-necessary not to go out", and must not go to the medium and high risk area. Nucleic acid detection must be performed on the day of the day. (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.