Summarize the experience promotion of good practice Liuyang held a contradiction dispute diversified resolution site observation

Communication scene, Yongan Town is a map.

People’s Network Changsha on September 10th, in-depth development of social governance, modernization, comprehensive promotion of township (street) strengthen communication, broadening, innovative ideas, summing up promotion experience, good practice, September 10, Liuyang City’s first contradiction dispute Diversified Site Observation and Experience Exchange will be held in Yongan Town, and the observation group consisting of various judicial office and the representatives of township street representatives. "Let’s go out and learn experience, but also take it back to promote upgrading." On the same day, Warao Group has visited the Lutang Village Committee of Yong’an Town, the Yongan Town Social Governance Service Center, everyone walks to learn from the side. Members of the observation group carefully recorded the "flash point" seen.

By looking at the scene, listen to the explanation, comparison, find the gap, and learn about the experience of the village of Yong’an Town in contradictory disputes. At the experience exchange meeting, the three comrades from Yongan Town, Ji Li Street, and Chengtutan Town have made a speech, and they intended to work, share advanced working methods and mediation. Experience. The meeting said that the streets of each township should understand the profound connotation of "Fengqiao experience", and grasp the contradiction disputes and resolve the work, and constantly improve the level of grassroots contradictions and disqualification and grassroots governance levels. path. In recent years, Liuyang City has fully implemented grid management work, actively innovating contradictory disputes, and established Liuyang City Contradictory Dispute Diversification Guidance Center in February 2020. According to the "one-core leading" "one network coverage" governance framework, the grassroots social governance command dispatch platform has been established, and "the party construction leads" "multi-interaction" "multi-interaction" governance pattern, created grassroots governance Modern "browser model".

Up to now, the platform has been registered 29,845 people, the city’s 32 township (street) grid information sent by 100%, 9320 cases entered into contradiction disputes, including 9,124 pieces, mediation success rate,%, conflict dispute The effect of "one thing you know, know a network solution". (Peng Dear) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see the client download.